Over 500 Border Collies Come Together in the Best Kind of Event

Posted by Jason Sarna
Almost 600 Border Collies

Over 500 Border Collies gathered together on Willaston Oval in South Australia on Sunday.

According to news.com.au, the dogs were there to break an "unofficial" world record and help raise money for charity.

The Border Collie Owners of South Australia (BCOSA) organized the event in an attempt to break TV veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren's 2013 record of having the most Border Collies in one place at one time.

Check out a video of the event below:

The BCOSA managed to attract 576 border collies on Sunday, beating Dr. Warren's record by 73 dogs.

The record remains "unofficial" because Guinness World Records does not accept breed-specific records.

Organizer Yvonne McGrath was more than happy with the turnout and the behavior of the dogs.

"I couldn't believe how good they were," she said.

Manny Mendes took his wife and their nine-week-old baby to see the spectacle.

"We wanted to go down and see all the dogs just hanging out (because) it's pretty cool to have so many dogs together," Mendes said. "It was really awesome actually. They pretty much filled up the oval."

The money raised at the event - over $6000 - will go to Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, SA Dog Rescue, and Scruffer Lovers.

What's the largest number of dogs you've been around at one time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Over 500 Border Collies Come Together in the Best Kind of Event