5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Winter Holidays

Posted by Krissy Howard

Keep your furry friends safe throughout the winter festivities by keeping these simple tips in mind!

The holiday season is usually a time filled with family, friends, and festive gatherings, so of course we want to include our four-legged friends as well.

By taking a few simple, preventative measures and making pet safety a top priority, we can have a fun and safe celebration for everyone under the roof!

1. Keep a watchful eye on candles and lights.


Whether you have candles burning or lights plugged into an outlet, these festive decorations can pose for a potentially hazardous scenario if left unattended.

Be sure to place any candles in a secure holder on a steady surface, and always take care to blow them out or remove your pets from the room to avoid a possible fire. A string of lights can convey an electrical shock, especially if chewed upon, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on your pet while lights are plugged in.

2. Keep sweets out of reach.


Those sweet treats we love to indulge in this time of year can make for one sick puppy, especially if loaded with chocolate. sugar, and xylitol, which can be toxic if ingested in large amounts.

Always make your pet's health a priority by keeping any and all food out of reach, and this goes for the garbage can too!

3. Keep tabs on those drinks.


While some pet parents may enjoy sharing a brew with their pooch, it's typically advised to keep any alcoholic beverages away from the curious mouths of cats and canines.

Like people, too much alcohol can make a pet sick, and if your holiday party is serving up mixed drinks containing sugar, coffee, or heavy dairy like eggnog, that can only add to the trouble. Like those plates full of food, be sure to keep the cocktails out of reach.

4. Confetti and tinsel can make more than just a mess.


Anyone with a kitty can tell you that shiny objects are no match for their tiny hunters, and while watching our loved ones roll around in a ball of tinsel can make for Instagram gold, accidental ingestion can result in vomiting or even an obstruction of the digestive tract.

Keep an eye on your furry friends around metallic tinsel and/or confetti this holiday season to avoid a potentially dangerous mishap.

5. Designate a quiet space.


This simple tip continues to make just about every pet safety list and it's always one worth repeating. The noise and commotion that come with a holiday party can do a number on some pets, causing some to become overstimulated or even fearful, which can result in aggression in some dogs.

The strange sounds alone can cause some pets to become so terrified they may even make a run for it, so to ensure the happiest gathering for everyone on two legs or four, give them a safe and quiet space to retreat to, even if just to relax for a few moments.

Wishing you and your furry friends a safe and happy holiday season!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Winter Holidays