5 Tips for Christmas Shopping for a Horse Lover

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Christmas shopping for a horse lover can be intimidating, especially if you know nothing about horses.

Don't worry. Christmas shopping for a horse lover isn't as terrifying as it sounds, especially not with these five tips to help you out.

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1. Get a List

Many horse lovers are happy to provide you with a list of horsey items and gift ideas that they'd love to find under the tree. This list can give you a place to start in your shopping, and you can rest assured that the items you purchase will be things that the rider can actually use. There's nothing worse than gifting an English rider Western tack and apparel, and vice-versa. So, if you can, definitely get a list before you head to the store.

2. Go to the Tack Store

If you know nothing about horses, this isn't the time to do any Internet shopping, unless the horse lover has provided you with exact URLs to the products that she wants. It's so easy to buy poor quality tack when you can't see it in person. Plus, you'll need help with your list, and a tack store clerk can give you the advice and guidance that you'll want.

3. Think About Sizes

Buying sized items is tricky, especially if they're for the horse. Everything in the horse world comes in different sizes, and sometimes the sizes vary between different brands. If you're going to buy a sized item, try to get details ahead of time or contact a horse-loving friend to get you the inside scoop. And always save your receipts on sized items.

4. Get to Know Your Colors

Did you know that the equestrian world is largely color-coordinated? No? Well, it is. Many horse owners decide on "colors" for their horses, buying everything from saddle pads to bell boots in the horse's designated color. For some upper-level barns, riders are expected to only use blankets and saddle pads of certain designated colors. Before you go and pick up a cute patterned saddle pad with loads of neon, think twice. Find out if the rider has a designated color for the horse and stick within that color scheme when you go shopping.

5. Never Doubt the Gift Certificate

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? You have every right to be, but there's an easy way out of this shopping conundrum: gift certificates. You seriously can't go wrong with a gift card to a rider's favorite tack store; it makes for the perfect gift. You don't have to worry about picking out the perfect item in the right color or the right size, and your Christmas shopping will be done in one easy step.

Christmas is right around the corner, so if you're just starting your Christmas shopping for a horse lover, well, it's time to get hustling. So, do your research, head to the tack shop, and please, keep your receipts.

For other Christmas gift ideas, like wall art, grooming kits, and other country style horse gifts, check out our other guides.

Will you be buying a horse-related item for a horse lover this Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Tips for Christmas Shopping for a Horse Lover