5 Signs Your Spirit Animal Is a Retired Racing Greyhound

Posted by TF Oren

You are the Zen master of snooze.

Your nap game puts babies and old folks to shame. You're firmly convinced that anything soft and cushy was made just for you. You believe the only cardio workout worth doing is the crazy intense one that's over and done inside of five minutes. And your uncanny ability to go from sophisticated to goofball and back in the blink of an eye is nothing short of impressive.

Sound familiar? Here are five signs your spirit animal is a retired racing Greyhound:

1. You've always taken great pride in your distinguished profile. 

Button nose, shmutton nose.


2. You've elevated the act of relaxation to an art form.

You can make yourself comfortable anytime, anywhere. And anything is a head rest. Anything.

Photo by TF Oren
Photo by TF Oren

3. You're a sprint athlete at heart. 

Workout = three minutes of all out spaz-like-there's-no-tomorrow. Cool down: lengthy nap on comfy cushion.


4. You never lost your appreciation for stuffed animals. 

They're fun to play with and they double as excellent pillows. Win-win.

Photo by TF Oren
Photo by TF Oren

5. Alllllllll the naps.

You can nap the you-know-what out of any 24-hour period. The waking hours are severely overrated.

Photo by TF Oren
Photo by TF Oren

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