5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Avoiding the Litter Box

Posted by Allie Layos

You can't make a cat do what you want, but with these tips it will do its business where you want. 

Litter boxes can be a convenient tool, making life with a cat somewhat easier than life with a dog, but proper use of a litter box can be tricky. If you've ruled out medical problems like urinary tract infections and your cat still isn't using its litter box consistently, you may be falling prey to some common mistakes.

Here are five reasons why your cat may be avoiding its litter box.

It's not clean enough.

Cats can be picky, and a clean litter box is crucial. If you already clean your cat's litter box regularly, you may need to take a look at how WELL you clean it.

Some cats are pickier than others.

It's too small.

Cats have different preferences, and just because your litter box worked for your last cat (or last dozen cats) doesn't mean it will necessarily work for all cats.

The size of the litter box makes a difference, and could be a leading factor in why your cat is refusing to use it.


Your cat doesn't like the hood or liner.

You may think the hood makes your home more sightly, but this only applies if the cat is actually using the litter box instead of your furniture.

Try removing the hood or liner; it's a small thing that may make a difference to your cat.

There aren't enough litter boxes in your household.

Some cats can make do with one litter box, but it is a good practice to offer multiple litter boxes in different locations throughout your home.

If you already have two, try adding a third. The extra box may solve the problem.

The litter is too deep.

Litter that is too deep can be a big turnoff to a cat, as they usually prefer one to two inches of litter. Try backing off on the litter and see if there are any changes in your cat's behavior.

There are countless reasons why your cat may not want to use its litter box, but these five are a good place to start. Your cat probably won't thank you, but a cleaner house will be thanks enough.


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5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Avoiding the Litter Box