5 Reasons Ponies Are Kind of the Worst But We Love Them Anyway

Posted by Allie Layos

Ponies are kind of the worst but they're so cute no one really cares.

If your first reaction when you look at a pony is, "Awww, he's so cute," you are not alone. That's how most people react to ponies, until you have to deal with them anyway.

When you are actually tasked with doing something, you know, productive, with a pony, life gets a little more complicated. They're still cute, but they suddenly become a lot of other things, too.

Here are five reasons why ponies can get on your nerves.

They're ornery.

It's a good thing ponies are so adorable, because their personalities often leave something to be desired. Unlike most horses, who tend to stumble over themselves trying to please their humans, ponies don't seem to crave approval and prefer to live life by their own agenda.

And if a pony doesn't want to do something, a pony really doesn't want to do something. But you can only get so frustrated when the protesting creature has tiny hooves and such a fluffy mane.


You can't correct them.

Sure, some ponies are big enough for adults to climb aboard and take for a spin, but just as many aren't. Even if they are technically strong enough to carry an adult, it's hard to accomplish anything productive while your feet are dragging on the ground, and that is why ponies have it made in the behavior department.

If adults can't ride and school them, they have the freedom to do pretty much whatever they please, even if that means bucking off their tiny riders or just standing and snacking on that tasty patch of grass.

Pony and little girl
Palace Gate

They get fat on air.

When you're trying to maintain a healthy weight on a pony it can be maddening to watch his barrel continue to expand despite your best efforts. Of course, this propensity of ponies can also be seen in a positive light; ponies will never act like that anxious horse that constantly looks malnourished no matter how much hay you throw his way, and they don't cost as much to feed.

But then again you may just end up spending that money in other ways -- like on a grazing muzzle.

They're greedy (especially about treats).

If you give a pony a treat they will want another. And another, and another, and so on to infinity. Horses get mouthy and nippy sometimes, but ponies seem to take the treat thing to a whole new level, and their little mouths will be grabbing little fingers in no time if you're not careful.

However, on the plus side, their interest in treats makes it easy to teach them special tricks, like bowing or nodding their heads. And who doesn't love a pony that can do that?

Brown Pony

They have complexes.

Despite the fact that they're small -- or maybe because of it -- ponies like to be the boss. Anything that moves on the farm will fall victim to their pinned ears and bared teeth at one time or another, whether that be dogs, cats, and even horses.

Ponies don't seem bothered by the fact that they're picking on someone twice their size, and horses tend to be wimps when it comes to standing up to them. They generally don't do any harm, but they may traumatize the wimpier horses in turn out, chasing them away from the feed or their favorite mares.

To the uninitiated, ponies are baby horses, but equestrians know that this is far from the truth. Not only are they fully grown, for better or worse, they are completely different than horses. Fatter, greedier, naughtier, and far, far cuter.

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5 Reasons Ponies Are Kind of the Worst But We Love Them Anyway