5 Home Remedies for Your Pet

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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A look in your cupboard could save you a hefty vet bill.

We tend to rush our pets to the vet with every nick and whine, making good use of pet insurance. But sometimes, a trip to the grocery store or search through the cabinets is all your pet really needs.

Common ailments that don't warrant emergency care might benefit from these household remedies.

1. Pumpkin for diarrhea and constipation.

While it sounds paradoxical, adding pumpkin to the diet can both clean up excessive digestive issues as well as help move food along.

Pumpkin has just the right amounts of fiber and water to defeat GI upset. It also is loaded with nutritional benefits!

Caring woman feeding the dog 2. Honey for wound healing.

This household wonder food has long been hailed for its medicinal effects in humans.

Veterinary hospitals often employ honey's natural healing properties for wound care. The sticky seal acts as an antibiotic, preventing infection, and helps healthy tissue granulate in.

 3. Corn starch for bleeding nails.

Many owners are afraid to trim nails because they fear nicking the hard-to-see quick, which results in a blood bath.

If you clip too far and don't have styptic powder nearby, try dipping the nail in corn starch to help clot the site. Flour and ice can also help. This works with all animals, even rodents!

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 4. Epsom salt foot soaks.

Paw pads can get sore walking on hard surfaces. Mammals are prone to licking at irritated paws, only causing the pad to become even more inflamed.

Ten-minute foot baths in diluted Epsom salt and a sock to prevent further licking can go a long way in paw care.

 5. Lubricants for prolapses.

Especially common in reptiles, genital and anal prolapses can often be fixed at home with some vaseline or KY jelly and a simple massage technique.

Remember that veterinary check-ups are important to keep your pet in good health. If any of these problems persist or your pet appears to be in significant pain or discomfort, skip the homemade healthcare and make a trip to the vet.

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5 Home Remedies for Your Pet