5 Easy Steps to Train Your Chicken to Ride Your Bike

Posted by Allie Layos
chicken on bike
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Did you know you can teach your chicken to ride on your bike? Here's how. 

When it comes to pets and tricks, dogs usually get all the glory, but most people don't know that chickens can shine in this department, too. Chickens can be personable, and they're extremely intelligent. They can learn special tricks and behaviors easily, like coming when called, jumping, and even -- believe it or not -- riding along on a bike.

Bicycle handlebars can make a perfect perch for your bird, so the training process is fairly simple.

Here are five steps for teaching your chicken to join you on a bike ride.

1. Pick the right chicken.

Not all chickens are the same. They have unique personalities just like dogs and even people.

Picking the right chicken will make your job as trainer a lot simpler, so rather than one that is feisty, look for one that is easy-going and won't resist your direction.

white hen

2. Introduce the handlebars.

If you try to just throw your bird on the handlebars and pedal off, you'll startle her. It's all a process, and before you do anything else you need to teach her that the bike's handlebars are a safe perch.

Set her on the handlebars and then stand in front of her and reassure her. If she chooses to hop down, don't force the issue. Repeat this process every day until she is comfortable sitting there.

chicken on bike

3. Give her confidence.

Once your chicken is sitting comfortably on the handlebars with you in front of her, sit on the bike's saddle and place her on the handlebars in front of you. Since she won't be able to see you now, reassure her with your voice.

If she hops down, let her, but practice this daily until she is equally comfortable whether she can see you or not. She should be able to sit on the bike in this manner for at least five minutes before you move on to the next step.

4. Introduce motion.

After your chicken masters sitting confidently on the handlebars with you in the saddle, add some motion to the equation. Don't pedal off just yet, but use your feet to inch the bike forward without startling your bird.

Each day increase the distance slightly, and then begin increasing the speed.

chicken and girl on bike
Lil Blue Boo

5. Use the pedals.

If your chicken is comfortable with you pushing the bike along with your feet, it's finally time to use the pedals. Start with short distances and remember to ride slowly. It's important to stay on level ground and keep an eye on your bird for signs of distress -- remember, this is supposed to be an enjoyable activity for both of you!

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It may seem silly, but teaching your chicken to ride on a bike is about more than fun and impressing your friends -- it also provides special bonding time with your chicken.

So enjoy the training time, and then go enjoy the ride!

Have you taught your chickens any tricks? Tell us how below!

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5 Easy Steps to Train Your Chicken to Ride Your Bike