Love in the Mail: 5 Dog Subscription Boxes Your Pup Will Love

Posted by Tori Holmes
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Why not give your dog the gift that keeps on giving and subscribe them to a monthly subscription box?

Monthly dog subscription boxes are a great way to keep your pup entertained year-round. From healthy treats and toys to clothing and accessories, each of these companies fills their monthly boxes with great products for you and your dog to enjoy year-round.

1. BarkBox

Each month, BarkBox sends pups a themed box filled with a selection of high-quality dog toys and treats. To make sure they send you the right sized items, you can select the size and weight of your dog and they'll even let you exchange individual items if your pup doesn't totally love something in the box.

BarkBox ranges between $21 and $29 a month, depending on your dog's size and toy preferences.

BarkBox Dog Subscription Box

2. PawPack

Each month, PawPack delivers a selection of treats and chews made with real and wholesome ingredients as well as unique, durable toys and accessories they guarantee your pet will love.

Each product that's added to their box is organic and eco-friendly, so you can feel good giving them to your pup. The PawPack subscription service costs $31.50 a month.

PawPack Dog Subscription Box

3. Surprise My Pet

With the Surprise My Pet gift box, your dog can enjoy toys, bones, and treats that have been hand picked for their specific size. None of the edible goodies are made in, or have products sourced from China so you know that they'll be safe and healthy for your pup to enjoy!

Surprise My Pet boxes costs between $24 and $30 a month.

Surprise My Pet Dog Subscription Box
Surprise My Pet

4. PupCrate

When you sign your pup up for a PupCrate subscription, they can look forward to receiving four to five new treats, toys, and other all-natural products delivered each month. All of the highest quality.

One neat thing about PupCrate is that you can choose between plush or chew toys, or even a mixture of both, which is good for heavy chewers. This box is also perfect for pups with allergies, as all products are wheat, corn, and soy free.

PupCrate start at $29.95.

PupCrate Dog Subscription Box

5. The Dapper Dog Box

When it comes to subscription boxes, the team at The Dapper Dog Box don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Each box that is sent out is personalized for the dog size, chewing style (power chewers, anyone?), and allergies for the pup that will receive it. From fun toys and all-natural treats to chews and accessories, there's a great mix in each month's box. Plus, $1 from each box is donated towards an animal rescue.

Also, it's the only box that includes bow ties and bandanas- perfect for the holidays!

The Dapper Dog Box costs between $32.99 and $39.99. Free shipping is available in the USA and an extra $4.99 is added for orders in Canada.

The Dapper Dog Subscription Box
Dapper Dog Box

With so many dog box subscriptions to choose from, how will you ever choose? An easy solution for dog owners is to test them all out! The majority of these companies allow you to order single boxes so you can let your furry friend choose which they love the most!

Regardless of which you choose, don't be surprised if your mail carrier quickly becomes your pup's new best friend.

Have you ever ordered pet subscription boxes? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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Love in the Mail: 5 Dog Subscription Boxes Your Pup Will Love