5 Details to Consider Before Adopting a New Pet

Posted by Glorimar Anibarro

There are factors to consider before running to the shelter and finding your new friend.

Everyone's reasons to adopt a pet are different; you may have the home and family but still need a wagging tail; maybe your loving kitty has passed on and you are ready to begin again; maybe you live in a lovely condo that can definitely benefit from a furry companion to share that couch with. The fact is, you are ready to adopt.

But before you go to the shelter and start filling out paperwork, consider a few details so you know when the perfect companion looks into your eyes.

Your Health

While medical studies have proven that a cat's purr or petting a dog can lower your blood pressure and relieve stress, it won't work if you suffer from major allergies. Especially if "non allergy" breeds even make you sneeze.

The problem isn't the hair; it's the allergen that gets transmitted from their saliva every time they lick themselves. So maybe a fish or a reptile is a better alternative for you.

Your Lifestyle

Every pet requires some care and companionship. If you love going out and can't wait for the weekend to pack your bags and go camping, go for the active pet.

A Golden Retriever, a Labrador or a Husky will follow you to the top of the mountain but will be expecting yummy treats and a warm bed inside that tent!

Female hiker and dog on pathway


Your pet doesn't necessarily need costumes and blingy accessories, but she does require vaccination, a microchip, annual checkups, and proper nutrition. Those are basic needs that cost money.

If your monetary situation at the moment won't allow you to give the pet the care that she needs at the moment, don't feel bad-- there are alternatives. Maybe volunteer at the shelter and spend a few hours a week hanging with pets that need a lot of love.

Baby or adult?

Let's face it, every puppy is adorable. They are impossible to resist. But don't forget that behind those eyes there is a baby that needs training and that his sweet personality may change after six months. Are you ready for that?

Adopting an adult pet gives you a couple of advantages: his personality is completely developed and he is totally potty trained. And don't think that adult means old, most species are considered mature at five months of age.


Breed or Mixed

The biggest plus about adopting a pure breed is that you know what you are getting; there aren't many surprises. The bad news is that some of them carry genetic baggage: conditions that have developed during all those years of breeding. So, a lot of them don't live too long.

Now a mixed one may surprise you a bit (since it's hard to know how they will look as adults), but they are much stronger and can fight some diseases that purebreds can't. They are street smart and need some love. Give them a chance.

Adopting a dog is a big decision; don't take it too lightly! There is a reason they say to practice with a puppy before having children.

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5 Details to Consider Before Adopting a New Pet