What's in the Box? 5 Cat Subscription Boxes to Spoil Your Kitty

Posted by Tori Holmes
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Give your cat the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to a kitty-specific subscription box.

Monthly cat subscription boxes are a great way to keep your cat entertained year-round. With new treats and toys delivered monthly, your cat will always have something new to enjoy around the house.

Plus, a few of these boxes come with some extra goodies for the humans of the household! Unleash your inner cat lady!

1. MeowBox

Available in monthly and bi-monthly plans, MeowBox takes pride in offering high quality and unique items in each of their boxes. All treats and food included are made with natural ingredients, are nutritious, grain-free, organic, or locally made and their cat toys are adorable.

Plus, for every monthly box they deliver, MeowBox donates one can of cat food to a cat shelter on your behalf. Each monthly subscription box costs $22.95 USD.

MeowBox Cat Subscription Box

2. KitNipBox

KitNipBox comes in two different sizes, Happy Cat and Multi-Cat, so you don't have to worry about your kitties fighting over the monthly goodies. Each month, KitNipBox comes filled to the brim with toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products. They also donate a portion of their proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and other feline welfare causes. Even shelter pets get a treat!

What's more, is that if you have an organization that you think they should support, they invite you to share it with them! Each box costs $19.99 for the Happy Cat box and $29.99 for the Multi-Cat box.

KitNipBox Cat Subscription Box

3. CatLadyBox

What's cool about the CatLadyBox is that it's perfect for both cats and their owners. Each month, a themed box arrives at your door brimming with toys and accessories for both you and your cat. Know a cat-lover in your life that doesn't currently have a feline to call their own? There's a special CatLadyBox just for them! They also donate a portion of their proceeds to cat rescues and charities each month.

The CRAZY CatLadyBox costs $39.99 a month and the CatLadyBox costs $34.99 a month.

CatLadyBox Cat Subscription Box

4. PurrPacks

PurrPacks specializes in sharing new and innovative products, so you know that each month's box is going to be filled with some pretty cool cat-themed items. They understand that each cat has different needs and preferences, which is why they allow customers to personalize their subscriptions with special requests including dietary requirements, color preferences, and more.

PurrPacks cost $29.99 a month.

PurrPack Cat Subscription Box

5. Jacob's Crate

Jacob's Crate prides themselves on filling their boxes with toys that are either handmade by local, specialty artisans, or manufactured by well-known, trusted brands. Due to this, you know that the toys your cat receives each month are of the highest quality.

This same commitment to quality also extends to the food products they include in each box, offering only organic, grain-free treats sources from the United States or Canada. In addition, they donate one can of pet food or toy for every box sold and offer their time at rescue events.

Jacob's Crate boxes cost $21.95 a month.

Jacob's Crate Cat Subscription Box
Jacob's Crate

With so many cat subscription boxes to choose from, we'll bet it will be hard to decide on just one. Fortunately, many of these companies offer one-time orders which means that you can try out a few and let your kitty choose which they like best.

Regardless of which you choose, don't be surprised if your cat starts waiting around for the mail carrier to arrive each day!

Have you ordered one of these purrfect gift boxes? Tell us in the comments below. 

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What's in the Box? 5 Cat Subscription Boxes to Spoil Your Kitty