5 Cat-Inspired Paul & Joe Beaute Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Posted by Tori Holmes
Paul & Joe Beaute cat makeup collection

Love cats? Why not let it show in your makeup collection!

Paul & Joe Beaute have a makeup collection perfect for any cat lover. They take all of the products you use every day and add the perfect feline flair.

From cat-shaped lipsticks to kitten print makeup bags, you'll never have to use a normal makeup product again.

1. Limited Edition Lipstick CS Refill Persian Pink

Paul & Joe Beaute cat lipstick

This cat-shaped lipstick may look almost too cute to use, but with its smooth, lightweight texture you'll be unable to resist. Fortunately, the refill cartridge has recently been brought back by popular demand.

Get it for $20.00.

2. Anniversary Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Beaute cat makeup

This anniversary collection has everything you need to really start building your cat-themed makeup collection. This set comes up a makeup box, travel pouch, lipstick, and more, all in an adorable feline-floral print.

Get it for $70.00.

3. Cat Cosmetics Pouch

Paul & Joe Beaute cat makeup bag

Once you've built your cat-makeup collection you need somewhere to put it, and that somewhere is this adorable kitten makeup bag. Perfect for travel or even to just keep on your dresser as your everyday makeup holder.

Get it for $40.00.

4. Cat Carnaval Makeup Set

Paul & Joe Beaute cat makeup carnaval set

Cheek color, eye shadow, eye liner, lip balm, and a travel pouch - all of your daily essentials in one adorable set. And of course, they all come with their own unique touch of feline!

Get it for $42.00.

5. Cheek Color CS Chill In The Air

Paul & Joe Beaute cat makeup cheek color

Not only are the cat-printed case and cat-shaped pearls that make up this cheek color adorable, the combination of light and dark pearls creates the perfect shade to give your face a radiant glow.

Get it for $45.00.

We honestly can't get enough of Paul & Joe Beaute's amazing collection of makeup. To find makeup that is both high quality and CCT (crazy cat lady) certified is tough, but Paul & Joe Beaute have it down to an art.

Which of these products do you need in your makeup bag ASAP? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Cat-Inspired Paul & Joe Beaute Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag