5 Cat Ear Headphones to Get You in the Feline Spirit

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
cat headphones

These are the perfect headphones if your spirit animal is a cat.

Do you remember when cat ear headbands became a huge sensation? I definitely do. All of my girlfriends and I went and bought ourselves a pair, insisting that we were indeed the ultimate cat ladies! However, wearable cat ears didn't stop there.

You can also channel your inner meow with these fun and bright cat headphones. Each pair comes in a different color for your feline preference. These headphones add a twist on your daily jam session and will have all of the others wishing they looked as cool as you.

1. Censi Wired Cat Ear Headphones 

cat headphones

These headphones are great for jamming your tunes or for watching movies on your laptop. Plug them in and enjoy the perks of no outside noise. They are also foldable for easy transportation!

These headphones are also available in black and red and they are just $99.99.

2. Barsone Wired Cat Ear Kids Headphones

cat headphones

These headphones are the cat's meow. They fold up so you can travel easily and are a favorite amongst the kiddos.

You can snag these in the black or pink for only $17.99.

3. iClever BoostCare Wired Kids Headphones 

cat headphones

These headphones are also great for kids! A pair of these feline headphones will make them excited to rock out on any road trip.

These silicon headphones are available in green, purple, and blue and can be yours for only $19.99.

4. Cat Ear Headphones

cat headphones

These light-up cat headphones can't stop and won't stop. The LED light adds flair to what could be just an average cat ear headphone, making it perfect for you to stand out in the crowd.

Get yourself a pair for just $17.99.

5. Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

cat headphones

These wireless headphones are the ultimate listening tool. You can share music through the speakers and it pairs wirelessly to any bluetooth device. Can these get any cooler? Always. The lights change colors!

You can get these fun cat ear headphones for $104.99.

Don't settle for anything less than a cat-ear headphone set. There is no better way to tune out the world.

Would you love a pair of these? Tell us in the comments below!