5 Best Summer Hacks for Dog Owners

Posted by Samantha Bubar

With summer on the horizon, we have to keep our pooch in mind.

There are plenty of ways to keep your dog entertained and cool in the warm summer months! We plan out vacations and day trips for our families in the summer, but it's important to keep your pooch in mind so they can come along.

Here are a few summer hacks for dog owners to make sure your pooch has the best summer ever!

Ice Cube Tray Treats

Fill your ice cube tray with low sodium chicken broth, add small dog treats or apple slices, and  freeze.


You can also mix the broth with water for a more diluted solution. It is recommended that you give your dog these treats outside or in a dish because when they melt they may make a mess. If your dog eats ice cubes in one bite, this may not be an issue.

Regular ice cubes are fun, too! Some dogs like playing or snacking on them plain, and they're a great addition to their water dish to help keep them cool.

Ice Mold Toy Treat

Fill a mixing bowl with equal parts water and low sodium chicken broth, add treats and small toys, freeze.


This will leave you with a large block of ice filled with treats and toys. As the dog licks away at the ice to stay hydrated and cool, it will melt, revealing the treats and toys.

This ice block keeps them cool and entertained. It works best if placed in the yard where large amounts of melting water/broth won't make a huge mess.

Kiddie Pool

Any water toys that kids love, dogs probably will too. Kiddie pools, sprinklers, hoses, and water guns are all fair game!


Make sure that if your dog thinks spraying water is a toy and wants to bite it, that the sprinkler doesn't have any small parts they can ingest or break off and injure themselves.

Frozen Dog Treats

These DIY frozen dog treats are sure to be a hit at any summer gathering! For your home or on the go (with a cooler), you can treat your pup to a frozen treat.

Mix some peanut butter with a little water or mashed bananas onto a cookie sheet. Freeze the treats and then put it into a Kong.


Cooling Dog Products

Pet companies make dog beds that have a cooling gel insert, and water bowls that you can freeze. If your dog spends a lot of time outside in the summer, these products might be a great investment to keep your pooch cool.


You could even put your dogs existing water dish in the fridge to chill it, which would then temporarily cool the water.

There are plenty of ways to keep your four-legged best friends cool while they're out and about enjoying the sunshine with you!

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5 Best Summer Hacks for Dog Owners