The 5 Best New Cat Videos on the Internet

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Here are some of the best new cat vids on the web!

Here are some of our favorite new cat videos that have been uploaded recently.

Watch for some cute, funny kitty moments!

1. Cat Wearing Witch Hat Rings Bell

This cat has figured out a cool trick - all he has to do is ring the bell and he gets a treat!

2. Didga the Dog-Surfing Cat

Watch as Didga rides his dog friend like a surfboard.

3. Cat Jumps Over Fence

This is one fast cat! Watch as he jump over a super tall fence to get away from a playful pooch.

4. Turtle Tries to Eat Cat

This turtle is not really trying to eat the cat, just nibble her toes a little bit. The best part - the kitty does not even wake up!

5. Cute kittens eating for the first time.

There is nothing cuter than kittens eating solid food for the first time. They are messy, playful and so adorable!

Stay tuned for more awesome cat videos. Did you know that cat videos are good for your productivity? Tell your boss.

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The 5 Best New Cat Videos on the Internet