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The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes Your Fur Baby (or Babies!) Will Love


Dog subscription boxes have evolved way beyond toys these days. Now there are boxes for power chewers! Custom is the new theme for subscription dog boxes and dog lovers are celebrating and there is nothing as magical as getting a monthly box for your dogs with toys and chews you wouldn't have known about otherwise! The first three boxes are even available on Amazon.

Monthly subscription boxes can include bowties, healthy treats, natural treats, fun toys, and even dog food in some cases! The first one on staff picks list is for heavy chewers. And if you need durable toys then there is a pet box for you! Most of these include free shipping.

Furry friends are the winner this holiday season! A few of the boxes we picked also benefit rescues so check out the rescue box we included below.

1. PupJoy Box for Power Chewers

This monthly box came out on top with our staff four-legged friends.


Got a toy destroyer? The Power Chewers Box has two high-quality toys, yummy limited-ingredient treats, and two all-natural chews. The PupJoy Box is available for 39.99 per box and free shipping.

2. Pawstruck

Pawstruck carefully curates great-tasting chews for your beloved friend. They source chews from the finest ingredients, creating a box that your pup won't be able to resist! 

Pawstruck subscription boxes start at $29.99 for smaller dogs and increases based on the size of your dog.

3. The Dapper Dog Box

A box that truly does give back to rescue and shelter animals! This box will create lasting memories with your dog every month! Each box includes 5 treat bags, toys and accessories all curated around Happy Howlidays and more. A bandana is also included with each box.


The Dapper Dog box is available for $35.00 a box.

4. Hound & Co.

Hound and Co

This subscription box is a staff favorite! It features a customized selection of high-quality, well-crafted, and pup-centric goods delivered to your mailbox once a month! The items are valued at $45 and may include handmade treats, custom bandanas and collars, rugged toys, and unique pet goods.

These custom boxes from Hound & Co. start at $38.00 per box.


5. BarkBox



Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month's unique themed collection. The themes are hilarious and you'll be taking pics of your dog with the toys for days. 

With BarkBox, you subscribe at $22 a box and a themed collection is curated for you.

These are just five of the best dog subscription boxes we found after loads of research. These sites all have solid customer service departments that can help answer any questions we didn't address in this post. If your dog has food allergies you can chat with them about the treats that you'd like included.

Our staff decided to give gift boxes to each other last year and the monthly dog subscriptions were by far the greatest gifts. Every dog deserves a gift box! Consider sponsoring an animal at a local shelter and bringing them a pet subscription box during the holiday season or perhaps your dog shares some of the dog treats, dog toys or chew toys from the box you were gifted.


Have you ever ordered pet subscription boxes? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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