5 Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Dogs really do improve life at the office!

Pets are known to bring health benefits to their owners in the home atmosphere, but they offer benefits in the workplace, too. Companies are starting to notice this, with more and more jobs allowing pets at work as part of a comprehensive benefits package.

Here are some of the proven bonuses of having your dog at work:

 1. Reduced Stress

A wagging tail and slobbery face is sure to put a smile on your face when you're swamped with deadlines. It could be the comic relief pick-me-up you needed to carry on through the work day.

Plus, you don't have to worry about leaving Fido at home. He won't miss any potty breaks and you won't come home to a couch that looks like it's been turned inside out.

Henry James
Henry James/Flickr CC

 2. Increased Productivity

If you've ever snoozed the alarm a dozen times in the morning because you just. don't. want. to. go. to. work., you'd benefit from a pup-filled office environment. Studies show employees miss work less in places where dogs roam the cubicles.

If you're skipping the office to "work from home," chances are you're not going to be as productive as a day on the job, so your productivity suffers. When dogs are in the picture, statistics say that's less likely to be the case.

 3. More friendships, better networking.

Have you ever noticed how many strangers you talk to when you have a dog? Imagine how many people you'll meet in a busy office with a dog at your side!

Knowing more people can lead to networking opportunities, too. Just don't take it personally if your new friends seem more interested in your dog than you.

Wablair/Flickr CC
Wablair/Flickr CC

 4. Mental Refreshment

A quick walk around the block to let Spot do his thing might be the mental reboot you need, leading to sparks of creativity. Many corporate offices have gyms available to employees, but there is no real incentive to use them.

With a dog around, owners can't ignore going out for a stroll. Exercise (and fresh air!) gets the blood pumping and the mind refreshed. Plus, a healthy workplace is a happy workplace.

 5. Reduce Fidgeting

All that antsy leg twitching can be channeled into focused attention if you have a puppy at your feet. While the canine gets a good head scratch, you can hone your energy into your work, subconsciously giving and receiving some TLC.

If your job allows dogs, you're trending with the hippest companies in the nation. If dogs are currently banned from your office, forward this article to the CEO for a nudge in the right direction.

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5 Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work