5 Most Annoying Things About Walking Your Dog on Leash

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Walking the dog can be tough sometimes, but someone's gotta do it. 

If you don't have time for an off-leash hike, or to head down to the gated dog park where you can let Fido run to his heart's content, you need to at least take him for a walk. And that entails putting him on a leash.

Here are five most annoying things about walking a dog on a leash.

1. Excessive Pulling

This is the most obvious and the most annoying thing about walking your dog on a leash. Always with the pulling! Where are you going so much faster than me, Fido?

Wacky Walk'r

There are a few fixes here though to stop your dog from jerking your arm off. There is the slow and cumbersome trick of stopping every time your dog starts to pull on the leash. This tactic makes the walk around the block an hour longer, but if you're consistent, your dog will get the picture.

Trying a choke collar or a gentle leader is another option, but sometimes your strong, tough pooch pulls through these and it can be painful for the hardest pullers. Another option is a stretchy leash made out of rubber, like the Wacky Walk'r. These leashes are made from rubber tubing and when your dog pulls, the resistance of the rubber brings him back, teaching him he can't really go anywhere faster than you.

2. Getting Tangled

When walking your dog on a leash, there is always the potential to get tangled around something like a light post, another dog walking by, that trash can...

wacky walk'r

A few fixes for this one include a shorter leash so Fido learns to walk where you walk. He isn't the king of the sidewalk! Luckily, Wacky Walk'rs come in a short Urban No-Pull leash version so you can get the benefits of the rubber leash, and keep the dog close to your heels.

3. Chasing Anything That Moves

"Did I hear a rustle in the bushes? Or was that the squirrel going up the light post? No, wait it's that alley cat on the trash can..."

A walk with your dog can feel like taking a hyperactive child to the candy store with all the smells and distractions he can't fully explore.

wacky walk'r

This grievance is essentially the same as the pulling, but then they're zig-zagging all over the sidewalk. Again, a good fix for this is the shortest version of the Wacky Walk'r, the Stubb'r, that doesn't give your excitable pooch too much room to roam. They can save that for the off-leash dog park.

4. Getting Brave with Other Dogs

Another annoying thing while walking your dog on leash is when he decides to be tough with that other dog walking by. If your dog decides to posture itself with another dog on leash, things can get out of control quickly. And with lack of space on a sidewalk, you don't want anyone to run into the street.

Two cute urban dogs, basset hound and french bulldog, getting to know and greeting each other by sniffing in crowd of people at street event.

A fix for this is to stop every time another dog walks by, and let them pass while you make your own dog sit and wait. The shortest rubber leash from Wacky Walk'r would probably also do the trick since Fido can't even get near the other dog...

5. Finding "Treats" on the Sidewalk

No, that cat poop is not a Milkbone.

The final, maybe most aggravating thing about walking your dog on a leash is when he finds surprises on the sidewalk. Whether that be a discarded chicken nugget or some sort of animal poop, your dog should probably not be eating that.

pug at the leash in the city

You can scold your pooch until the cows come home, but that likely won't stop her from scooping up tasty morsels on the street. You can also try the final version of the Wacky Walk'r called the Slipp'r which combines the idea of a slip collar with the rubber leash. It loops into the dog's neck and attaches to the leash. This one also comes with a traffic handle to keep Fido close by when you see a discarded fast food bag up ahead, helping train the scavenger out of your dog.

wacky walk'rWe've established the fact that walking your dog in an urban environment on a leash can be a headache. But it really doesn't have to be. Even if your dog is the most erratic dog to have ever been put on a leash, there is always room for training.

With the Wacky Walk'r you can ease the grievances of walking the dog around the block, while simultaneously teach him how to be more controlled on the leash. The stretchy rubber leash will help correct pulling issues and give your aching shoulder a break. Since the leash bounces back every time Fido pulls, it will help him learn that he isn't going anywhere faster by pulling harder.

The leash turns into a training tool!

Here's a video on how this nifty leash works to give you a visual:

The Wacky Walk'r comes in four versions that each help solve one of the annoying things about walking your dog on a leash:

These leashes make great gifts what with the holidays around the corner. They are also on sale, so hurry and get one before your arm falls off...

Tell us what annoys you most when walking your dog on a leash in the comments below!

Images via Wacky Walk'r and Adobe Stock

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5 Most Annoying Things About Walking Your Dog on Leash