5 Animal-Themed Sheet Masks to Keep Your Face Soft for Puppy Kisses

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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This beauty product is bringing a wild element to your weekly skincare routine. 

It's no secret that sheet masks have been the refreshing trend as of late. There are ones for brightening, hydrating, and moisturizing. The options are endless. And now, we have something that makes accomplishing these beauty tasks all the more fun.

We know there is a plethora of different face masks you can use. However, these fun animal-printed sheet masks are just the entry to a good habit gone wild. We've taken the liberty to gather some of our favorite animal-themed sheet masks in hopes of making your beauty routine that much more enjoyable.

Plus, your cheeks will be extra soft and welcoming for more puppy kisses!

1. Baby Pet Cat Magic Mask Sheet

cat face mask

Have your skin looking meow-velous with this cat sheet mask.

It's perfect for soothing the skin and only cost $12.99 for ten sheets.

2. MISSHA Pig Mask Set

pig face mask

This pig sheet mask will help keep your skin moisturized and firm.

Good news for your piggy bank, this jasmine scented sheet mask only costs $16.00 for ten sheets.

3. Animal Mayu Wrinkle Mask

zebra face mask

There's definitely not enough zebra-themed products out there. That's why I was excited to find this zebra sheet mask that is easy on sensitive and dry skin.

Stock up on these by purchasing a box of ten for just $19.99.

4. Baby Pet Seal Magic Mask Sheet- seal

seal face mask

The only thing you won't be sealing is your pores. This seal sheet mask is great for whitening the skin, bring you a clear and refreshed look.

Get ten sheets for just $9.99.

5. MISSHA Panda Mask Set

panda face mask

Purify and brighten your skin with an adorable panda sheet mask.

You can get ten sheets of this lavender sheet mask for just $16.00.

Make your daily beauty regimen just a little more wild with these animal-themed masks. Your pet will appreciate your soft skin come cuddle time!

Are you into these animal-themed sheet masks? Tell us in the comments below! 

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5 Animal-Themed Sheet Masks to Keep Your Face Soft for Puppy Kisses