47 Wiener Dogs Rescued from Arkansas and Looking for New Homes

Posted by Tori Holmes

47 Dachshunds from Arkansas were taken in by two Florida rescues after their owner became too ill to care for them.

After being contacted by locals in Arkansas, Alaqua Animal Refuge and Save Underdogs stepped up to take the large pack of dogs just in time.

For these dogs, timing was everything as they were going to be taken to a local shelter if the rescues couldn't get them in 24 - 48 hours, the time dogs have in the shelter before being euthanized.

Now in the care of the two no-kill rescues, these dogs are on track to find their forever homes - all they need are their updated vaccinations.

In this pack there are Dachshunds of all ages, from four months to six years. If you're interested in adopting one yourself, an application can be filled out with Alaqua Animal Refuge. Don't wait too long though, there's already been significant interest in the group.

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