4 Ways to Gift a Horse for Christmas

Posted by Allie Layos

Many children - and even some adults - dream of finding a horse or pony under the Christmas tree.

However, horses and ponies don't really fit under Christmas trees, and they certainly can't be wrapped up in a box - not to mention that few people would actually want a horse inside their home.

However, getting a horse for Christmas isn't as rare as it might seem. Among those who ride and show competitively, it is actually quite common. And while giving puppies or other pets as Christmas presents is usually to be discouraged, gifting a horse is different.

Since they are significantly more expensive than smaller pets, they are almost solely gifted to people who will continue to make sure the animal is well cared for after the holiday fun is over.

So how does one gift a horse for Christmas? Here are four good options:

Wrap a Memento from the Horse

Christmas present

Since you can't really wrap up the horse, wrap up something representative of the horse. Find or take a nice photograph of him or her, or even hire a professional photographer to do so.

You can also order a new halter with a brass name plate engraved with the horse's and recipient's names and wrap that. Half the fun is that the recipient will unknowingly be opening a present that is much bigger than the box they were handed.

Puzzle It Out

Scrabble letters

There are various places online where you can order custom puzzle pieces. Whether you use a photograph of the horse, words that spell out the horse's name, or a sentence announcing the gift, puzzles are a fun way to get the message across. Alternatively, you can buy a Scrabble set and remove all the letters except for the ones that spell out the horse's name. Then let the recipient try and form the letters into the correct message.

Surprise Them at the Barn

girl with horse
YouTube/Madison Soto

While many people wait until Christmas morning to announce their gift, just as many do not. For those who ride competitively, the horse is often gifted during the last riding lesson before Christmas. There are numerous fun ways to do this. Some like to give the rider a chance to ride the horse first, and tell them afterward that it is their new horse. Others choose to decorate the horse's stall with wrapping paper or lead the horse into the arena with a big bow around its neck.

Literally Bring the Horse

Girl kissing horse on the nose
Twin Cities

If you have a willing trainer or barn manager or know horses well enough to trailer them yourself, you may be able to arrange for the horse itself to show up at the house on Christmas morning. This usually only works if you live close to the barn and the roads are in good condition that day.

If you are able to make these arrangements, you can still wrap a small present to place under the tree and include a note that simply says, "Look outside." When the horse lover recipient finds the horse standing there with a big red bow around its neck, they will immediately understand the significance of the message.

These are just a few examples of popular horse gifting methods. But any method is a good method for gifting a horse, so no matter which method you choose, be sure to have the video camera or cell phone on hand to record the joy.

Have you ever received a horse or new pony as a Christmas gift? Share the experience below! 

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4 Ways to Gift a Horse for Christmas