4-H Boy and Dairy Cow Take a Nap Together and the Photo Goes Viral

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cow and boy
All photos by Jeremy Miner via BoredPanda.

This might be the most precious bond between farm friends ever.

Though 15-year-old Mitchell Miner and his heifer, Audri, didn't take home the 4-H grand prize, they still received a lot of recognition.

Mitchell's father, Jeremy, caught the two napping in the pen after a long day of competing at the Iowa State Fair dairy kettle show. The giant farm animal nuzzled up against the boy melted hearts around the globe.

cow and boy

Audri was rented from a dairy farm for the summer so that Mitchell could partake in his parents' farm life roots. Despite the family not living on a farm, Jeremy and his wife, Laura, wanted their children to experience the country life like they did, so they signed their kids up for 4-H club.


As anyone who has participated in fairs knows, the days can be exhausting, but nothing beats falling asleep in the hay snuggled up with your best friend.

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Audri will soon return to the dairy farm, but it's clear she and Mitchell have formed a strong bond.

What's the cutest bond you've ever seen at a 4-H fair? Tell us in the comments below!

All photos by Jeremy Miner; h/t BoredPanda.

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4-H Boy and Dairy Cow Take a Nap Together and the Photo Goes Viral