30 Homeless Pets Get One Awesome Holiday Feast

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When 30 homeless pets come together for one holiday feast, you can feel the joy in the room. 

This Christmas, countless homeless pets will spend the holiday in shelters. There won't be celebrations or special meals, and they won't be given presents or get to play with under the Christmas tree. It will be just like any other day, and worst of all, these pets won't have their own special family to love them and play with them.

That's why Freshpet gathered up 30 homeless pets and treated them to a very special holiday feast. The pets included shelter cats and dogs, some of which have physical issues, including a dog with no eyes and another dog with special dietary restrictions. The pets got a chance to get out of the shelter, enjoy some playtime, and eat a delicious meal.

Take a look at the adorable holiday feast.

With so many homeless pets out there, can you find a way to help out a pet in need? Now is a great time to adopt a pet, especially when you have some extra vacation time for the holidays. Even if you can't adopt, think about fostering a pet for a shelter so that the pet gets to live in a home environment with lots of attention and love.

When we may be putting the newest iPhone or laptop on our Christmas list, all these pets want is a person to love them. Let's get some pets homes for the holidays.

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30 Homeless Pets Get One Awesome Holiday Feast