23 Dogs That Have Mastered #TongueOutTuesday

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs tongue out tuesday

It's fun's out, tongues out for these dogs... and every other canine just like them.

Dogs don't have to wait for a Tuesday to stick out their tongues. They master the pink-tongued look every day of the week.

But they get a special shout out on Tuesdays, thanks to the trendy #tongueouttuesday hashtag.

Humans? We can try our hardest to look adorable with our tongues hanging free. But if we don't have four legs and a wagging tail, we'll never live up to the bow-wow tongue mastery--slobber and all.

When you're proof that bigger is better.

When someone wants to know your best attribute and you show, don't tell.

When you realize all your wildest dreams have just collided.

FRIDAY FUNNIES: headed into the weekend like...

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When someone invades your bubble and the side-tongue says it all.

Since I lost my K9 teeth my tongue kinda flops around side to side 👅 happy #tongueouttuesday #tongueout

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When you don't want to be too scandalous so you just let a little bit show.

When you got that friend who will always have your back.

When intense focus causes you to forget about motor control.


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When bae creeps on you in your sleep.

When you find your calling.

When you're all wrapped up in your feelings.

When you find that somewhere over the rainbow.

When it was all fun and games until you ended up in a cone.

#tongueouttuesday #tot

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When Mother Nature got you all like...

When you hold off on the napkin until you're all the way done.

When the sun hits you just right.

Ate some grass, and it must have been some powerful stuff 😂😂 #tongueouttuesday

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When you're a member of the Clean Plate Club.

When you don't care that the sign says "Kids Only."

When happy is all you know how to be.

When that one goal always seems just out of reach.

When you rock that morning glow.

When no one knows style like you do.

When you're wary to take that first sip.

When Mom says you're not "different," you're "special."

These pooches sure do know how to make their tongues pose for the perfect snapshot.

Got some canine #tongueouttuesday pics to share? Tag us in your photos @wideopenpets or show us in the comments below!

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23 Dogs That Have Mastered #TongueOutTuesday