This 22-Year-Old Trains Mustangs Bringing Attention to the Plight of Wild Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Mustang Maddy with her mustangs and zebra
All images: Madison Shambaugh via Facebook

Wild mustangs face many challenges today, but they have an ally in 22-year-old trainer Mustang Maddy. 

Wild mustangs face major challenges in today's society. As humans continue to expand ranches and develop land, we've encroached on the mustang's natural habitat. Now, mustangs are constricted to smaller areas of land and their overpopulation puts their overall health at risk. But it's hard to adopt out wild mustangs.

And that's where Mustang Maddy comes in.

Mustang Maddie with her mustangs and zebra

Mustang Maddy, whose actual name is Madison Shambaugh, is a 22-year-old equine behaviorist dedicated to training wild mustangs and raising awareness of the plights they face.

Mustang Maddy works with her four mustang geldings, as well as a zebra named Zena.

Mustang Maddy training wild mustangs

Mustang Maddy is currently in the midst of a tour through a number of states including Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, and Montana. She offers demonstrations and workshops, sharing her unique training techniques designed to work with wild horses and exotic equines.

Maddy has participated in the Extreme Mustang Makeover and uploads new episodes of "On the Road With Mustang Maddy" to her Vimeo channel weekly.

Take a look at this video which highlights the incredible work Mustang Maddy does with wild horses.

Through her travels and demonstrations, Mustang Maddy demonstrates just how trainable wild mustangs actually are. She gives people the tools and techniques they need to be able to train horses themselves, and provides us with incredible inspiration about what can be accomplished when you have a dream.

Mustang Maddy and her wild mustangs

This young trainer discusses her work, writing on her Facebook page;

"The message that the mustang has for the general public is clear-- that there is a potential for greatness inside of each and every one of us, no matter what your present circumstances are. It's hard to see potential inside of any of these horses when you go to the holding pens and their manes in knots. There not all beautiful by society's standards... But inside of each and every one of them is the potential to be an absolutely amazing partner. And that's what I'm hoping to prove to people. We all have a greatness inside of us and the mustang demonstrates this. For every person who has been told they can't the mustang tells them they can."

Mustangs need advocates, and they've found a great one in Mustang Maddy. Perhaps her work can help ensure that these wild horses have a better, brighter future.

All images: Madison Shambaugh via Facebook

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This 22-Year-Old Trains Mustangs Bringing Attention to the Plight of Wild Horses