22 Reptile Shaming Pics That Every Scaly Pet Owner Will Understand

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Scaly pet lovers share a special bond, which is why they can relate to these reptile shaming photos.

Anyone who has ever owned a reptile knows these animals have unique care requirements that set them apart from their furry counterparts. The relationship between a turtle and its human is not the same as man and dog. But that doesn't mean the bond isn't as strong.

Reptiles might not play fetch or chase laser pointers, but they entertain and interact with us in other ways. They're also expert troublemakers.

Owners are catching their reptiles doing things only a reptile parent would understand. Take a look at this montage of iguana, turtle, tortoise, snake, bearded dragon, tegu, and gecko shaming.

The Iguana with Perfect Aim

The Tortoise That Failed Potty Training 101

Tortoise shaming! #sorrynotsorry #tortoiseshaming #fruitmademeloose

A photo posted by Ali ❤ ???????????? (@alisanimalhouse) on

The Tortoise with a Color Fetish

The Tag-Teamed Tegu Escape Effort

The Turtle Who Just Wants an Invite to Movie Dates

This is not the 1st times he's knocked them over ???? #TurtleShaming lol

A photo posted by Jessica Vargas (Peña) (@mamadecca) on

The Beardie Who's Proof That Size Doesn't Matter

The Tortoise with a Case of the Nerves

#tortoiseShaming #finganibbla

A photo posted by Elisha Ducker (@elisha_ducker) on

The Beardie with Dominance Issues

The Tortoise Who Is Just a Dirty Old Lady

The Beardie Who's On a Diet And Forgot to Send a Memo

The Snake Who Has No Sense of Boundaries

Snake shaming #petsnake #littlebastard #caramelalbino #snakeshaming

A photo posted by Kelsie (@humanpterodactyl) on

The Tortoise Who Doesn't Appreciate Good Taste

True story. #tortoises #tortoisegram #tortoisesofinstagram #sulcata #vintage #killim #tortoiseshaming

A photo posted by Henry (@thenotortoisebig) on

The Turtle Who Would Like to Be Included in the Interior Decorating

#turtleshaming #paintedturtle

A photo posted by Emily (@emily._.crounse) on

The Beardie Who Was Upset with How Much Attention the Plant Was Getting

The Turtle Who Likes to Show Inanimate Objects Who's Boss

#themightythor #thortheturtle #turtleshaming #guilty #allthesponges

A photo posted by Rachel Stignani (@ghetto_otter) on

The Introverted Tortoise Who Requests You Respect Her Personal Space

What Geckos Do When They Don't Sell Insurance

The Escape Artist Who Warned You to Keep the Lid on Tight

The Beardie Who's a Little Self-Involved

He's cute, but not that cute. #lizardshaming

A photo posted by Mort (@necromorter) on

The Lizard with a Growing List of Dietary Concerns

The Turtle Who Thinks Cleanliness Is Overrated

Filter fail #turtleShaming

A photo posted by Frank Poe (@frpoe211) on

The Beardie Who Adds Personal Flare to Recipes

Reptile lovers are often misunderstood, and so are their pets. But if you own a scaly creature, then you understand.

Do you have a reptile that could use a little shaming? Share your scaly love on social media with the hashtags #reptileshaming and #WideOpenPets.

We're still holding out for guilty gator photos.

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22 Reptile Shaming Pics That Every Scaly Pet Owner Will Understand