21 Cat Shaming Pics That Prove Our Cats Own Us


Cat owners are capturing feline confessions on camera, and the shaming is purr-fectly a-meow-zing.

Cat puns step aside. There's a new feline fad invading social media feeds. It's called cat shaming, and it's making us late for dinner.

Our feline friends can be perverts and warriors. They are thieves and second-hand gift givers. They are pre-dawn alarm clocks. They are wannabe politicians, gardeners, artists, and scientists. They are the reason we won't be getting the security deposit back.

Cats own their humans. We present to you this truth.

Forewarning: #catshaming is addicting. Be prepared for the consequences when you're late to pick the kid up from school or meeting your friends because you got carried away searching for photos of guilty felines who are #sorrynotsorry.


1. The Cat Who Is Tired of Watching Mom Go Nowhere in Life

2. The Cat Who Will Hold out Until He Gets What He Wants

Naughty fluffball. #catshaming

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3. The Cat Who Risked Constipation for Curiosity

4. The Cat Who Just Wants Praise for Her Accomplishments

5. The Cat with a Vendetta Against Rodents

6. The Cat Who Can Take Care of His Own Hygiene, Thank You Very Much

7. The Peeping Tomcat


8. The Non-Pacifist Hippie-Thug Cat Who Is All About Going Barefoot

9. The Cat Who Repeatedly Tests the Law of Gravity

Video Showcase

10. The Cat with a Political Agenda

11. The Tabby Cat Lacking a Green Thumb

#catshaming #catsofinstagram #vinstagram

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12. The Artistic Cat Who Struggles with the Concept of Realism

13. The Cat Hoping to Become a YouTube Sensation

14. The Cat Who Can, So He Does

15. The Cat Who Takes Electrifying Excitement Literally

#catshaming #personalities #catsofinstagram

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16. The Music-Hating Feline

17. The Cat Who Lets Machines Do the Work for Him

18. The Cat Who Will Not Relent When Food Is Involved

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19. The Cat Who Can't Resist the Human Panic Button

2-. The Feline Whose Catnip Wasn't Enough of a Buzz


21. The Cat Who Made Her Point and That's What Really Matters


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We have a feeling you can relate to 99 percent of these cat shaming pictures. There seems to be a trend between how curious and destructive cats are and how much we love them.

Got a cat shaming photo to share? Give your guilty feline a social media shout out with the hashtags #catshaming and #WideOpenPets.

Maybe then your kitty will aim for the litter box instead of the hamster.

Has your cat done anything to be ashamed of? Tell us in the comments below!


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