20 Sleepy Kittens That Need a Vacation Already

Posted by Samantha Bubar

We all experience that Monday slump. These sleepy kittens can relate.

Whether you are feeling like you need to close your eyes for a quick minute, or a few hours, these kittens are just as sleepy.

Well, as soon as they wake up from their naps.

"Mom! 5 more minutes!"

"That alarm came way too early..."


"No, you go ahead. I'm right behind you."

"Seriously, go without me."


"Do I look like I want to get booped?"

"Get that finger out of my face, and off my tiny little pink nose, before I boop you. With my tiny teeth."


The ultimate sleepy spot. A tiny ray of sun.

"And I fully intend on enjoying every minute of it."


"I'm just going to nap... here. Riiight here."

"A little sun, some camouflage, no one will ever find me."


"You weren't going anywhere, right? Because I need your lap for important purposes."

"Important purposes like napping, and snoozing. And a whole lot of looking cute."


"No pictures please."

"If I could hold my eyes open they would be giving you the stink eye."


"I can't come to your party tonight, sorry. I've got plans."

"Napping, snoozing, and catching some zzzs. Sorry. Very busy schedule."


"Is there any particular reason you're in my nap fort?"

"No humans allowed."


"Why'd you wake me up? Is it dinnertime?"

"You interrupted my sweet catnip dreams"


Napping outside feels more wild. 

"Please let me get back to my tired tiger business."


"Yes, yes, of course I'm listening. I just need you to repeat that last part..."

"Well, the part where you said all the things actually. I was asleep."


The ever elusive cat loaf in its natural habitat!

Here we can see the proper cat-napping techniques.


"No one will even know I'm here!"

"Be one with the carpet..."


Dreaming about fish and mice and treats and toys...

"Chasing dogs and birds and chasing my tail."


"Please state your reason for disturbing my slumber."

"And it better be important. Like asking me what flavor can food I want tonight"


"Being this cute makes me sleepy! I need a nap."

"Carrying these ears around all day will tire a little guy like me right out!"


"I've played for a full 10 minutes. I earned this nap!"

"Now let me get to it!"



"You ruined my dream! I finally caught my tail!"


"What do you mean I can't sleep here?"

"It's not 'too noisy'... it's a lullaby!"

cat-1248012_960_720Kittens like to sleep; it's no secret.

But seeing pictures of sleeping kittens proves it and just makes your day so much better. Did you know that it is scientifically proven that watching cat videos makes you more productive?

Tell us what you think of these sweet sleeping kittens in the comments below!

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20 Sleepy Kittens That Need a Vacation Already