20 Luxurious Stables That You'll Want to Live in with Your Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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These luxurious horse stables are elegant, airy, and so beautiful that you'll want to rent out a stall just for yourself. 

Our horses are like family, and we want only the best for them.

For many horse owners, the best means a large stall deeply bedded with a window or two for entertainment. Or maybe the best means rolling pastures and an indoor arena for all-year-long riding. No matter what you consider to be the best for your horse, we bet you're going to fall in love with these luxurious stables.

These horse stables have it all: huge stalls, three-story-high ceilings, windows that belong in a church, and much more. Take a look and let us know if you want to move in with your horse!

A Stable Complete with Chandeliers

The Ultimate Tack Room

Talk About Luxury

Look at Those Stalls!

Simply Gorgeous

We're Drooling

Гранд манеж. Идём на вет. выводку. Каприоша сегодня прекрасен, его раза три за день чистили и чесали, он разве что не мурлыкал, всячески выказывал балдёж и требовал ещё. На выводке тоже был доволен собой невероятно и спокоен!!! Старт Большого Приза завтра в 9:30. Наш номер 2 🙂 - Veterinary check today. Everything is great. Capriool was awesome, no tricks this time. Tomorrow we start Grand Prix under number 2. - #dressage#grandprix#russia#championship#maximastables#dressagehorse#чемпионатроссииповыездке2017#конный#спорт#выездка#большойприз#каприоль#буланый#capriool#grandprixhorse#woodart#wood#arch#woodwork#luxurystables

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Dream Stable, Anyone? 

Dream stable via @horseimmo

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Look at That Stonework



I'm moving in and you can't stop me! Via Innovative Equine Systems

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Nothing Better Than a Freshly Groomed Arena

Ommmmmm 🙏🏼

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Gorgeous barns make well morning workouts totally worthwhile 👌🏼 Thanks for sharing @elineeckroth

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What an Entrance!

Talk about making an entrance 😍

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We Can Dream

A girl can dream ・・・ From @katherinecosmetics via @custis_ferguson

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So Beautiful

Brb, just packing our bags!

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Just Perfect!

All tucked in! 💤

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Holy Tack Room!

And then angels sang 😇

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Just Amazing

The Lap of Luxury

På besøg hos Peterhof!😰😍👌 #peterhof #equestian #lovemyjob #luxurystable #wowfactor #blessed

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Okay, so most of these stables are probably way outside of our budgets. But it's nice to dream, right?

Remember, no matter how basic your stable is, it's the quality of care you give your horse that counts. We may not have chandeliers or fancy stonework, but we can take pride in our healthy, happy horses.

Which of these stables do you want to move in with your horse? Let us know in the comments below.

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