20 Horseback Rider Problems We All Know Too Well

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horseback riding is a tough sport. We'll bet every rider is super familiar with these 20 horseback rider problems. 

When you ride horses, you learn that horseback rider problems are a fact of life. They're everything from your horse coming in covered in mud 10 minutes before a lesson, to the I-can't-walk-I'm-dying feeling the day after you have a lesson without stirrups.

But horseback riders are resilient and creative, and rather than crumbling in the face of these problems, we make memes and laugh at them, instead.

Take a look and let us know how many of these horseback rider problems you've faced down in your career.

1. The Lunging Runaway

2. The Mud Lover

3. The Overdramatic Horse

4. Zippers

Damnit... #equestrianproblems

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5. The Inquisitive, Spooky Horse

6. Trailer Loading

7. The Endlessly Lame Horse

8. The horse show gone wrong.

9. Bell boots. Freaking bell boots.

10. No-stirrup November

11. When you don't have an indoor, but your outdoor is flooded.

12. Having the most expensive hobby ever.

13. The Houdini Horse

14. Lost Shoes

15. The Polo Wrap Mess

16. Position Problems

I NEED THIS BONNET!!! Where to find it, idk. #horseriderproblems #nolife

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17. Goodbye, Paycheck

18. Driving the wrong vehicle.

19. The temptation of the next horse.

20. The number of cell phones you've destroyed.

Life with horses isn't easy, but nothing worth having is easy, is it? So we'll dust off our boots, slather some Icy Hot on those sore muscles, and climb back into the saddle again tomorrow.

We're riders, and no one ever said that we're afraid of a little challenge.

Which of these problems have you encountered? Tell us in the comments below. 

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20 Horseback Rider Problems We All Know Too Well