20 Amazing Horse Tattoos, Because They Just Keep Getting Better

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Love art? And horses? Then you need to see these 20 amazing horse tattoos, which combine art and horses into amazing memories that you'll have forever.

Have you ever thought about getting a horse tattoo? Whether it's a tribute to that heart horse or simply a way to wear your love of horseback riding on your sleeve, a horse tattoo can be as unique as you are as a horse lover.

If you're looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, be sure to check out these awesome horse tattoo designs that are true works of art with an equestrian twist. These are the best horse tattoos!

1. Free Spirit

2. Truth

#tattoo #mytattoo #horsetattoo #iloveit #mylove #love&life #itwasmydream

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3. Bold and Beautiful Horse Head

Cool idea for strong man . See you soon with new project #horsetattoo #blackgreyink #stronger #hanoi

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4. Gorgeous Portrait

Horse portrait by @ghis_melou_tattooer

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5. Amazing!

6. That Color Scheme

7. Look at that detail on this amazing tattoo!

8. Stunning

9. Totally unique!

10. These tattoos take such skill to create.

11. Beautiful and powerful galloping horse. 

12. You can feel the wind with this running horse tattoo.

Tatuaggio guarito da quasi 2 anni #blackandwhitetattoo #Inkfever #inkfevertattoostudiomaerne #horsetattoo #wildhorse

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13. The perfect moment.

14. Rearing Majesty

15. This winged horse took some time...

16. The eyes seem to glow with life! What a beautiful horse tattoo.

17. Horse head tattoos are super popular. This black horse is gorgeous...

Cover up this morning 🙂 based on clients reference. #horsetattoo #blackandgrey #tattoo

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18. Small horse tattoos are so simple and cute!

19. An elegant and beautiful horse on the upper arm.

20. Very realistic, beautiful mane.


Traditional horse tattoos, like a Celtic horse tattoo or something with your zodiac sign, are super popular too.

If you're inspired by these cool horse tattoo designs and want one of your own, spend some time exploring the different styles (Native American tribal horse tattoos? Feather tattoos?) and elements (horse shoe tattoos?) that you like and find a talented tattoo artist that you trust. Show them these awesome tattoos for reference and inspiration!

Do you have any cool horse tattoos? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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20 Amazing Horse Tattoos, Because They Just Keep Getting Better