19 Guinea Pigs Ready for Halloween, So Bring on the Veggies

Posted by Stacey Venzel
guinea pig halloween costume

"Squeak, squeak, squeak. They've got little feet. Give them some pellets and hay to eat."

Guinea pigs are leaders in cosplay, so much so that some even make careers out of it.

But that's what pets do. They sit there and look cute and we find ourselves wondering how they're capable of achieving such extreme cuteness.

These cavies in costume are no exception. Check our these pigs bringing back memories of your trick-or-treating days. You might just find that you had the same inspiration.

When you realize no one rocks the classic pumpkin costume like you do.

No animals were harmed in this ridiculous situation #guineapigcostume #guinepighalloween #pumpkin

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When South Park is your Halloween inspiration.

When you steal pellets from the chubby and give to the skinny.

Opinion on this photo? Sweet #evening ✨ · · ·

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When you are what you eat.

Happy International Carrot Day from the number 1 carrot lover 🐹❤️

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When the kids can't decide on their costume so you choose for them. Happy Thanksoween, everyone.

Turkey butts 🙂 #guineapigs #guineapigcostume

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When you're tired of everyone calling you an angel.

When Guinea Bunny comes to town.

When you just watched the Breakfast Club and now your one Halloween goal is to be a member.

#kunza #jeanjacket #guineapigcostume

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When your mom got carried away bedazzling the costume.

When you bought your costume at the Day After Halloween Sale only to find it doesn't fit a year later. 

When Grandma made your costume this year.

When Jim Halpert is your inspiration for going all out.

When all the Godzilla costumes are sold out but at least you're not Barney this year.

Jake is an alligator 🐊

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When Buzz Light Year's got nothing on you. Or that hot dog creeping in the background.

#Guineapig #guineapigshow #guineapigsof_ig #guineapigcostume #guineapigsofinstagram #instapet #instapic

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When you can't get Hocus Pocus out of your system.

When Pooh Bear was taken but Eeyore best describes your feelings at this very moment anyway.

Romeo doing his best impression of Eeyore #broadmoorapts #guineapigcostume #petcontest

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When you thought Pokemon Go would still be the hottest thing.

When Dracula calls you up 'cuz your get-up nailed realism like a boss.

Happy halloween to all my followers that are more than 300!! We are very excited. Thanks 😘

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When you get the whole "animals pretending to be people" thing but you're a little unsure about the "animals dressed like other animals" craze.

So how about it? Can you relate to any of these rodent get-ups?

Got a costumed cavy photo to share? Post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #guineapigcostume and #wideopenpets. Join the other rodent-lovers of the world who just can't get enough guinea pig.

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19 Guinea Pigs Ready for Halloween, So Bring on the Veggies