18 Dogs in Tuxedos and the Hashtags That Perfectly Describe Them

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs in tuxedos

These dogs in tuxedos will make you swoon.

We got a little carried away searching for fancy pups ready for romance on Valentine's Day. And then the hashtag mindset took over and... well... We hope you enjoy.

Check out these dogs wearing tuxes like a boss, and usually plotting something behind that sophisticated exterior.

The kid who dressed himself for the first day of school. #howdoilookmom

I wore my finest for #dressupyourpetday ? #lookinfine #sohandsome

A photo posted by George Costanza the Westie (@westiegeorge) on

The bartender who is waging an inner battle on whether or not to cut you off. #annnnndyouvehadenough

The most handsome bartender. Cisco ringing in the new year in style. #dapperdog #vizsla #ciscopowers #vuveclicquot #dogsintuxedos

A photo posted by Stephanie (Simpson) Powers (@stephanienicolesimpson) on

The twins who dress for success. #togetherwecan

The fanciest guest around the hot pot table. #passthedippingsaucesir

The groomsman who is questioning everything he did last night. #itwasalladreamright

December 23 is the Festivus for the rest of us! This year's Airing of Grievances will be presented by Beastie the Insult Comic Beagle- "Steve is a mess. Just look at him. He's been in his first trimester for the last 7 years. Hey Brah, when's your due date? Would it kill you to take the stairs once in a while⁉ Speaking of moving at a glacier's pace, I'll be half way across the Rainbow Bridge without ever knowing what its like to have a Dog Mom. Seriously dude, what's the hold up? You're aging yourself out of existence faster than I am! I spend ALL my free time chewing your hair and shoving my tongue in your ear just so you will know what to do on a date. At this rate, your Star Wars nickname is going to be Episode IV: A New Hopeless‼ On the subject of 'holding out for what you want', we need to talk about my current meal situation. I get 2 bowls of kibble with treats sprinkled in. It SHOULD be 3 bowls of treats each day, with a dash of kibble only on every prime numbered Tuesday. Easy win-win‼ I truly find it hard to believe you don't smell what I smell. Do me the courtesy of getting on all 4s and pressing your nose to the ground. Take a good hard inhale and tell me that's not Pure Joy flooding into your lungs. Your nasal deaf-dumb-and-blindness is NOT my fault, especially when we're out on walkies‼ Lastly, the only reason you could possibly have to go to work is so I can have a better life. That's sweet, but you can't take a day off once in a while just to spend it with me⁉ P.S. MY pics get way more likes than HIS, so why isn't this IG named after ME? P.P.S. Grievances re: Bath Time will require a patental advisory, thus are not fit for public broadcast (since IG ain't HBO)"‼ May your own Airing of Grievances be cleansing, and may your Feats of Strength be Explanatorily Miraculous! Happy Festivus, HumanLight, (belated) Winter Solstice, & Happy all other winter holidays from us to you! P.P.P.S. Big Ups to anyone who made it to the end of this caption. That is a Feat of Strength in itself.

A photo posted by STEVE (@skozak77) on

The wedding crashers who documented their shenanigans. #weknowhowtoparty

Smile for the camera, Jack! ? Enter #jacksawesomebirthdaybash ? and win some awesome prizes ? Bloopers welcome! ? ?Open to all all breeds worldwide and multiple entries allowed. Entrants must is the #jacksawesomebirthdaybash and tad @jack_the_blind_dachshund and @cool_rockyd in their picture & tag 3 friends to take part. Competition closes 11/23/16 and winner announced Nov 26. ? USA Prize Pack From: @cool_rockyd - Toys and Treats @peanuts_paws - 2 no tie pet bandanas @shelter_100 - pet bandana @clevercloverdesign - Custom Vinyl Sticker @sausageprince - Custom Digital Artwork with your choice of dog, background colour and name @caldwells__ Potty Bells International prizes from: @bobsboutiqueuk - Choice of bandana or bow tie @leathersheduk - Custom Leather Collar @sausageprince - Custom Digital Print with your choice of design @love_sen - Light up LED collar @enzo_dachshund - Custom bandana ? ? Check out our awesome hosts: @cool_rockyd @bobsminiadventures @jakeythesausage @enzo_dachshund @love_sen @ludwig_the_doxie @sausage_charlieb @duke_of_fergus @black.m0nd4y @joeythewiener @kamatis.the.dachshund @b_r_minidoxies

A photo posted by Rocky The Dachshund (@cool_rockyd) on

Uncle Marty, who was only there for the food. #iminitforthefood

The bae who's been waiting for his girl to get ready for, like, all night it seems. #hurryupalready

The guest who is pretty sure he looks better than anyone else at the ceremony, bride and groom included. #didsheseemedidsheseeme

It's #Nationaldogday every day in our house because this dude calls the shots. He's the most easy going dog- always up for an adventure, car ride, or mountain climb (he's our little goat) He came to me loathing water but has slowly learned to tolerate a paw dip. He chases birds and squirrels whenever he can, he loves running on the beach with his Dad, he enjoys a good sunbathe, and chilling in my basket on bike rides. He's a world class snuggler and bed hog. He will eat anything we feed him and convulses with excitement every time we walk in the door. Most importantly, this little Jedi master, my first born, will have my heart forever. #dogsofinstagram #stevedutcherphotography #mammothwedding #bestman #bestdog #dogsintuxedos

A photo posted by Courtney Hein (@mymagicwithin) on

The one on the red carpet that everyone mistook for an actual celebrity. #kingofcosplay

The guy who was taken out by his ex's defensive BFF. #girlgotyoback

?Happy Birthday in 1.5hrs, Mamita! We miss [email protected]_yula ?#luz & ?#sombra #dogsintuxedos

A photo posted by Julie (@julbeinke) on

The prankster who somehow got past the guards. #blameitonthechoirboys

Dapper dog next to his mom on her wedding day. Looking good, Bear. Looking good...

A photo posted by Mikkel Paige (@mikkelpaige) on

The Napoleon Complex on high alert. #fullsteamahead

The boy who shows off when he ties his own tie. #ohwaititsaclipon

He's so fancy. You already know. #dogsofinstagram #morkiesofinstagram #dogsintuxedos

A photo posted by @marydavies05 on

The newest face in the walk of shame hall of fame. #ineedwipesstat

The beau who got his lashes done, too. #beyoncewannabe

The betting man who regrettably wagered his mortgage against gut instincts. #shouldhavegonewithnyquist

Gettin' fancy for the Derby! ??????? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A photo posted by Roux Jones (@rouxlovesyoux) on

The attendee who is confused if it's black-tie or a costume party. #arepenguinsinvited

Enzo is all suited up! #pugs#pugsofinstagram#puglove#dogcostumes#pugstagram#dogsintuxedos

A photo posted by Enzo | Benny | Charlie (@my3littlepuggies) on

Well, these high-rollers without a doubt stole the show wherever they went.

Share your #dogsintuxedos pictures with us on social media with the hashtag #wideopenpets! We promise to create better hashtags next time...

Has your dog ever dressed up in a tuxedo? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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18 Dogs in Tuxedos and the Hashtags That Perfectly Describe Them