18 Dogs Doing Downward Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel
downward dog

These canines are ready to play the downward dog way!

Happy dogs do the downward dog, which isn't surprising considering the look on all these puppy faces.

These pooches are excited about something--from chew toys to just being outside!

The Fluffer Pupper

Why won't these cats play with me! #creampufflabradoodle #downwarddogs #doodlesofinstagram

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The Best Friends

The Weiner Doggy

Downward Facing Doxie

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The Yoga Studio Pup

The Retrieving Retriever

Getting my workout in. #dogsofinsta #goldensofinstagram #downwarddogs #tuckerbohan

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The Morning Stretch


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The Playtime Aficionado

Flexibility Friday #muttsofinstagram #nycdog #downwarddogs #yogapup

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The Yorkie Poo

The Football Boxer

The Curly Q

The Beagle Love

The Mutt Strutt

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The Deck Yoga Pup

Not a ruff way to start the morning! #yogidog #yogadog #downwarddogs #buzzfeedanimals

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The Sand Puppy

More Deck Yoga

Ahhh, I love starting the morning with some sun salutations outside! #downwarddogs #dogdoingyoga #yogadog

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The Yorkie Sun Pose

The Frenchie

Gotta stay limber! #downwarddogs

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The Pug

Yoga classes around the country have been adding animals to the list of attendees, from cats to goats, dogs to horses.

If you're a yogi or aspiring yogi, be sure to check for some pet-friendly classes near you!

How often does your dog do the downward dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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18 Dogs Doing Downward Dog