18 Fancy Chicken Coops That Look Like They Were Built by Architects

Posted by Stacey Venzel
chicken coops

These chickens are living the good life.

First, they impressed us with their pants. Now, they're impressing us with their coops.

If ever you were looking for a time to experiment with your architectural prowess, this is it.

Chicken owners are building five-star resorts for their fancy feathered friends, and we're a little jealous. Some of these coops are bigger than my apartment.

Chickens prove that even the egg-laying life can be luxurious.

The Car Coop

chicken coop car
Michael Thompson via Backyard Chickens

The Town Bar

chicken barn
mississippifarmboy via Backyard Chickens

The Geo Dome

dome chicken coop

The Loft Apartment

loft chicken coop

The Hobbit Coop

fancy chicken coop

The Add-On

chicken coop
be_collective via Backyard Chickens

The Tree House

chicken coop

The Chicken Castle

chicken castle
ChickFuentes via Backyard Chickens

The Schoolhouse

chicken coop
nono via Backyard Chickens

The Log Cabin

chicken coop cabin
Thedude via Backyard Chickens

The Purple Cottage

chicken cottage
navychick and BYC Support via Backyard Chickens

The Pink Cottage

chicken cottage
judyki2004 via Backyard Chickens

The Luxury Barn

The Rustic Getaway

rustic chicken coop
Bogtown Chick via Backyard Chickens

The A-Frame

a frame chicken coop
greenslope via Backyard Chickens

The B&B

The Humble Home

Over the top chicken coop at Amy & Jeremy's - it's for real!! #fancychickencoop #cityfarmhouse

A post shared by City Farmhouse ® Kim & David (@cityfarmhouse) on

The Coop Mobile

chicken coop car
chickencoupe and BYC Support viaBackyard Chickens

If you've lived on a farm, then you know that chickens are family. So why not go all out to make sure their accommodations are the best?

But the question does remain--just how much do these birds appreciate their living situation? The jury is still out on that one.

Got a fancy chicken coop to share with us? Tag us on social media, #wideopenpets or show us in the comments below!

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18 Fancy Chicken Coops That Look Like They Were Built by Architects