18 Bunny Shaming Pics That Prove Rabbits Make Their Own Rules

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Silly wabbit, that underwear wasn't for chewing.

Every bunny has a naughty side, as these rabbit owners have discovered.

They're cute and floppy, and they're masterminds of destruction. From computer cords to sofas and tax forms, rabbits have chewed them all. They also pack an impressive roundhouse kick to the face.

In every yard and household, rabbits make their own rules, and they're getting shamed for it in adorable hippity-hop fashion.

The Early Bunny Gets the Sofa

The Free-Spirited Sprayer

?? True story. #bunnyshaming #petshaming #sampsonbinkies #popasquat #hereallyistoilettrained #housebunny

A photo posted by Chelsea (@jujubee_and_sampsy) on

The Rabbit Who Couldn't Stand One More Night of Taco Bell

#TheStruggleIsReal for These Evicted Rabbits

The Rabbit Who Resorted to Ninja Skills to Make a Fashion Statement

Bad bunny #bunnyshaming #petshaming #badbunny #stu #notstew

A photo posted by The Rabbit Stu (@therabbitstu) on

The Homeowner Who Took Neighborhood Beautification into Her Own Hands

The Rabbit Who Is Fed Up with the IRS

Caught in the act! #bunny #rabbits #rabbitsofinstagram #bunnyshaming

A photo posted by Grace (@karuihiro) on

The Bunny Who Excels at Temper Tantrums

He felt left out! #bunny #BunZilla #bigbunny #bunnyshaming

A photo posted by Kandace Rainey (@kandaroooo) on

The Bunny Who Forgot Everything Has Consequences

The Bunny Who Likes Lingerie a Bit Too Much


A photo posted by rebecca (@fight___me) on

The Rabbit Who Is Facing Crimes Against Technology

Bunny shaming. Because you're bad, that's why. #bunnyshaming #bunny #lionhead #dwarflionhead #igpets #igbunnies

A photo posted by Priscilla Cash (@cillacash) on

The Musician with a Midnight Muse

Can't stay mad #bunnyshaming

A photo posted by Lauren Vescio (@vesciolauren) on

The Bunny Who Prefers Buffet Style to Portions

Without fail. #messy #rabbit #bunnyshaming #cute #pets

A photo posted by Mayfair (@bunnyandmeshow) on

The Rabbit Who Is So Over Renting

Gosh darn #carpetmuncher #bunnyshaming @e_monster

A photo posted by Venice Mom (@itskailani) on

The Rabbit Whose Creative Impulses Got the Best of Her

The Bunny Paper Shredder, Version 2.0

The Bunny Who Is a Sloppy Drunk

"and then I ate the sign" #rabbitshaming #badbun #vscocam

A photo posted by Audrey Mazz (@audreymazzo) on

The Rabbit Who Has a Few Things to Say About the Legal System

Smokey the Bandit lives up to her namesake. #rabbitshaming

A photo posted by Sarah (@sarahthesexbomb) on

Bugs Bunny's trickster side was clearly not unique to him. Many silly cartoon rabbits have displayed the cunning, clever ways of our real-life hoppy family members.

Now, rabbits are living up to their faux pas, though they don't seem to have much regret when it comes to bunny shaming.

Got a lagomorph that is overdue for some shaming? Share your floppy-eared photos on social media with the hashtags #rabbitshaming, #bunnyshaming, and #WideOpenPets.

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18 Bunny Shaming Pics That Prove Rabbits Make Their Own Rules