17 Pet Ornaments Perfect for the Tree Because 'Tis the Season

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Are you decking your halls with boughs of holly?

It's almost fully time for your home to turn into a winter wonderland, since it is socially acceptable to start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving...

And you know your Christmas tree needs some pet ornaments to represent your furry friends.

Here are 17 of the best pet ornaments on Amazon that you can order now.

1. Pearhead Pet Paw Prints Dog Or Cat Paw Print Holiday Keepsake Ornament

dog paw print ornament

This is actually a kit that includes materials needed to make your own paw print ornament. Personalized Christmas ornaments like this make great gifts, as well as double as a forever pet memorial.

The kit costs $11.16

2. Tabby Cat Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof Ball Easy To Personalize A Perfect Gift For Tabby Cat Lovers

cat ornament

This cat ornament is perfect for your tree and is shatterproof for when your cat knocks it off...

This feline decoration costs $8.99.

3. Goldendoodle Ornament with Unique "Dangling Legs" Hand Painted and Easily Personalized Christmas Ornament

Goldendoodle ornament

For all the Goldendoodle lovers who need this for their tree. The dog legs dangle with yarn and you can easily personalize it by putting a name on the white banner with sharpie.

This cute dog ornament costs $10.97.

4. Buddy G's Austrian Crystal Dog Bone Ornament

dog bone ornament

This will make your tree sparkle. This beautiful dog bone ornament is made up of Austrian crystal rhinestones and will show your canine love with class.

This ornament costs $35.88.

5. Dog Photo Ornament

photo ornament

This picture frame ornament is perfect for the tree. Photo ornaments make for a more personalized tree and can also serve as the perfect pet memorial ornament in loving memory for when Fido passes over the Rainbow Bridge.

Get this Paw Prints on My Heart ornament for $14.99.

6. Personalized Black Lab Dog and Bone Christmas Ornament

black lab ornament

For all the black Lab lovers, this personalized ornament makes a great Christmas gift. And how you can resist those eyes!

Give in to those Labrador Retriever puppy eyes for $12.99.

7. Joy to the World Collectibles European Blown Glass Pet Ornament

pug ornament

This glass ornament is made in Europe so you know it is of high quality. These ornaments come in all sorts of different breeds and are endorsed by Betty White! Proceeds from Joy to the World Collectables go toward the Morris Animal Foundation.

Get this cute Pug ornament and give back to animals for $39.95.

8. Personalized Ginger-bred Cat Christmas Ornament

ginger bread cat ornament

Cat lovers everywhere will appreciate this adorable gingerbread kitty. You can make this into a personalized pet ornament by providing a name and a year. It would make a great stocking stuffer!

Get this cute ornament for $17.95

9. Hallmark Peanuts Snoopy on Decorated Dog House Christmas Ornament

snoopy ornament

Snoopy belongs on your tree! This dog house ornament is super cute and represents the best comic ever- Peanuts! Make sure you turn on "A Charlie Brown Christmas" while decorating the tree!

Get this cute ornament for $7.99.

10. CafePress - Dog Lover Ornament

dog ornament

This simple dog Christmas ornament is a perfect gift for the ultimate dog lover. Or you can put it on your own tree to show your love for all dog breeds whether it's a Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, or Boston Terrier.

Show you love them all for $14.99

11. Horse Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof

horse ornament

We can't forget about our equestrian lovers! This beautiful horse ornament is also shatterproof in case your cat knocks it off. The chance that the ultimate pet lover has all these animals is pretty high.

Get this ornament for $9.95

12. Rockin' Doggie Pewter Ornament

bone photo ornament

This fun pet photo ornament is complete with bones to make a snowflake. How cute is that!

Get this pewter frame for $16.95

13. December Diamonds Blown Glass Ornament

bulldog ornament

This dapper Bulldog ornament is perfect to spice up your Christmas tree.

Get this blown glass ornament for $15.95

14. Zazzle World's Best Dog Mom Cute Puppies Ceramic Ornament Heart

dog mom ornament

Because only the best dogs have the best dog moms.

Get this Christmastime ornament for $14.32

15. Personalized Dog's 2017 Solid Wood Christmas Ornament

wooden pet ornament

This custom pet ornament will look beautiful on your tree, matching the pine! Made to order by John Leslie Studios in Texas, this laser-cut wooden ornament comes made from Genuine Solid Red Stained Maple or Mahogany.

Get this special ornament for $21.99.

16. Bearded Dragon Pet Lizard Reptile Animal Christmas Tree Ornament

bearded dragon ornament

We mustn't forget about our reptile friends!

A bearded dragon hanging on your tree will cost you $6.99


woodland creature ornaments

The tree that you brought into the house from the forest comes with the animals that call the forest home!

Get this group of adorable woodland creatures for $20.79. 

With all these best selling ornaments your tree will look the part of the ultimate animal lover who also loves Christmas.

Happy holidays, fellow pet lovers!

Do you have any pet Christmas ornaments? Will you get any of these? Tell us in the comments!

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17 Pet Ornaments Perfect for the Tree Because 'Tis the Season