17 Fluffy Kittens That Will Make You Stop What You're Doing

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These fluffy kitten photos prove cats own the Internet.

We'd like to thank cyberspace for providing us access to such fluffiness.

They say cats own the Internet. With this much fluff, it's hard to put up any debate.

Try to be productive while perusing these photos. We dare you.

Kitten with a bell? I just fainted.

Smush-face Persian fluff? Please pick my heart up off the floor.

No kitten here. Just a ball of fur.

#fluffykitten #fluffycat #cat #kitten

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Those eyes will get me to do anything.


This little fella is quite the expressionist.

So cUte ! #cute #cutekitten #mouse #fluffykitten #gingerkitten

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If I walked by this window every day, I'd always be late to work.

Running errands just got ten times more enjoyable.

What do you think is softer, this kitten or a cloud?

This is Della. She is the floofiest of them all.

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Little kitty can get all the treats she wants.

I don't usually share popcorn, but for this kitten I'd offer the whole bowl.

It's Friday, and Bear's bringing the popcorn! #bearbaby #bearby #itsfriyay #illletyouhavesome #weshare #fluffykitten #fluffyfeet

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This creature is meant to be carried around in a pocket.

My, what big eyes you have!

Prim and Proper ✨

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Please never stop yawning.

? #like4like#picoftheday#catsofinstagram#catsoninstagram#catlife#kitten#fluffykitten#fluffy#cute#catagram

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Dear Little Ball of Fluff, You can sit any way you want.

Oh, great, another kitten with a bell. I'm still recovering from the last one.

I'm so hungry mummy ??? hurry up please!!!

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The best model there ever was.

Could you handle the fluff?

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