Most Awkward Kitties: 17 Felines Showcasing Cat Logic

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Cats do what they please, and it's up to the humans to catch the awkwardness on camera.

Felines exhibit some questionable behavior. They've been caught flirting with the laws of physics time and again.

Thankfully, many of these instances have been captured with a lens.

The number of photos of cats in awkward positions and strange places is endless, but we've compiled a montage of our favorites for your viewing pleasure.

The Result of Binge-Watching

Defying the Dog

If the Shoe Fits...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Tumble Dry Only

Hanging on the Ledge of Life

Do I fit here? #catsinawkwardplaces

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Seamlessly Purrfect

He Does What He Wants

#RussellCat #catsofinstagram #catsinawkwardpositions #orangecats

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Second-Guessing This Decision...

This fat ass though. Like bro you don't even fit there. #catsinawkwardpositions

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How Many Cats Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Mimicking the Humans

Defying Gravity

It Started off All Fun and Games...

My quest for Narnia ends here...and I might be stuck. @endel_the_lynx #catsinawkplaces

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What She Does When She Can't Sleep

I heard a weird noise in the kitchen last night and went to investigate...found this. #catsinawkplaces

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Trying to Escape the World...

#vscocam where's Charlie #vscocamphotos #vsco #petsofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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"I Fits."

Her love for plastic bags is unreal. #catsinawkplaces

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We might never understand why cats do the things that they do. But we do know, despite some of their life-making decisions, cats are intelligent creatures.

What's the weirdest situation your cat has gotten himself into? Share you story with us!

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Most Awkward Kitties: 17 Felines Showcasing Cat Logic