16 Wickedly Adorable Cat Halloween Costumes

Posted by Amber King
cat halloween costume

Trick-or-treating may be for the kids, but that doesn't mean your cat has to miss out on all that Halloween fun.

You're used to seeing people dress up like cats on October 31, but now the tables have turned. Black cats have always had a market on Halloween, but this year, cats of all colors are taking part in the spookiest day of the year. These fearful felines are celebrating their favorite holiday by showing off their best Halloween costumes.

If your kitten tolerates the occasional wardrobe change, try out any of these cat Halloween costumes to get you and your feline friend in the spooky spirit.

Bat Cat on patrol.

bat cat!😜 #happyhalloween #batmankitty #catshalloween #halloween

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One all-cat patty on a sesame seed bun.

Could you bee any cuter?

What a fruity cutey patootey.

Putting a spell on you.

I'm ready for Halloween 🕸🕷🎃 #vettechlife #vettech #fosterfail #darla #halloweencat #halloween2016

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Argg, give meowl your gold!

Arrrrr! #catsincostumes #russianblue #halloweencostume #halloweencat #pirate

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You're gonna need a bigger trick-or-treat bag.

From mew to pew.

Endeeringly adorable.

The cutest pumpkin in the patch.

I'm ready for trick or treat! Meow!

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Berry scary!

King Kitty

Siamese and Spooky

Watch out for the cat-asaurus.

Miasaurus🐲🐾 #catshalloween #cathalloweencostume #cosumes #halloween #catdinousaur #stegasaurus #adorablecats #funnycats

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This cat is winning at trunk-or-treat.

The purr-fect intergalactic sidekick.

Halloween is the perfect time for cat lovers to cast their creativity onto their favorite felines.

Whether you head to the store or your very own craft closet, make sure your cat Halloween costume is safe for kitty to wear, and then show off their frighteningly fierce costume on our Facebook fan page.

Tell us your favorite cat Halloween costume in the comments below!

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16 Wickedly Adorable Cat Halloween Costumes