16 Times #AwkwardDog Nailed Canine Logic

Posted by Stacey Venzel
weird dogs

You do you, doggo.

Let's face it: dogs do some pretty weird things.

They get in unimaginable positions, they give us ridiculously doofy looks. And yet they do their bow-wow best with impressive aplomb.

These canines are no exception. We're not sure what kind of logic they're using, but to them it apparently makes sense.

The Squatter

Ready to read the Sunday paper🤓

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The Soft Whisper

The Window Smush

Wedged #awkwarddog #cattledog #vancitydogs #vancouverdog #dogsofvancouver #dogsofinstagram

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The Wall Assist

What a post #awkwarddog 😂

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The Crevice Forager

Team Derp

The Lounge Chair

The Grumpy Old Man

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The Crossover

The Tuck & Splay

The "If I Fits, I Sits"

Awkward. 😂 #lailaandcassius #awkwarddog #greatdaneproblems #dontmindme

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The Up Close & Personal

The Stair Master

The Political Pooch

I voted✅ #dogsatpollingstations #awkwarddog #princessescanvote

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The Disapproval

The Morning Stretch

I woke up like this 🐥

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So there you have it, some dogs doing some pretty doggo things.

They might be derpy, but we wouldn't have dogs any other way.

Have a photo of an awkward dog photo to share? Post it in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets.

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16 Times #AwkwardDog Nailed Canine Logic