16 Photos That Perfectly Describe the Relationship Between Dogs and Toilet Paper

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs and toilet paper

It's a weird relationship, but who are we to judge? Dogs really do love their toilet paper.

Anyone who has ever been a dog owner can relate to the strange, annoying, and hilarious relationship dogs have with Charmin, Cottonelle, and Angel Soft.

When left alone for five minutes and allowed bathroom access, the following is inevitable.

Those innocent eyes.

The destruction begins.


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The trail of proof.

TP's newest advertisement.

Very useful. Very comfy. #brandothemando #dogsofinstagram #cottonelle #dogsandtoiletpaper

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New favorite fetch toy.

Sammy, give!

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Trouble comes in threes.

Reveling in the TP bliss.

Guilty until proven innocent...

#jerrythejackal auditions for the Andrex puppy - badly#dogsandtoiletpaper #andrexpuppy #andrexpuppywannabe

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The "it wasn't me" look.

Wasn't me #frenchie #frenchbulldog #dogsandtoiletpaper #silly #naughty

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Always investigate when the house gets quiet.

I don't know why mommy doesn't like my new toy ?? #henrylovestoiletpaper #mommydoesn'tlovethis #pugsofinstagram

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Shredding TP for bedding, apparently.

Morning surprises.

Chew toy of choice.

Caught in the act.

They can't hide the evidence.

I do love all kinds of paper. #RubyDog #tpdog

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Outside? Really?

BUSTED! #shitgrin #tpdog #goldenpup #troublemaker #dogs #goldenretirever @kelliekahn

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There are some things about dogs we will never quite understand, and one of those things is their relationship with toilet paper.

Do you have a funny photo of your dog and TP to share? Tag us on social media with #wideopenpets and #dogsandtoiletpaper.

WOP-FB-Contest-Banner-w-borderWhich of these photos could you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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16 Photos That Perfectly Describe the Relationship Between Dogs and Toilet Paper