16 Cats in Christmas Trees Because They're Made for Climbing, Right?

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cats in christmas trees

Why climb a scratching post when you can climb an indoor tree?

Cats are always plotting something. Their curiosity and mischievous nature lands them in many awkward situations.

Sometimes that situation involves a Christmas tree.

So it's not surprising that there are a plethora of photos of cats in Christmas trees. We've put together a list of some of our favorites. Enjoy.

When you catch the cat thinking about it.

When the cat gets caught creeping on you and bae.

When you enlist feline help to get the star on top.

Too cute. I'm not even mad. #catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by allison (@allisonleighturner) on

When you watch the mind of a planning cat at work.

When the cat insists on checking every bulb before throwing the strand of lights out. 

When the cat shows you how he feels about you going with a fake tree this year.

When you've looked everywhere for the cat and then you find him napping on a branch.

He found his new favorite chill spot??#catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by Jaime Bateman (@nienna131) on

When you haven't even put up the tree and the cat's already claimed it.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ⛄? ~Kittygirl #Christmas #catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by BugsyRooAndFriends (@bugsyrooandfriends) on

When you catch the kitty taking it all in and you're glad at least someone appreciates the time you spent decorating.

And so it begins... #catsinchristmastrees #catsofinstagram #merrychristmas

A photo posted by Carisa Minton (@carisa_lm) on

When you watch history repeat itself.

And it starts .... #catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by Danielle Elaine (@dani.elaine10) on

When you're just waiting for the meow to tell you they're stuck.

My cats are in my tree.... #christmastree #catsinchristmastrees #firstchristmas #furfamily

A photo posted by Kat (@daydreamingkat) on

When you hope those ornaments you heard break aren't the ones from Great Gammie Jean.

Life with cats. #catsofinstagram #catsinchristmastrees #holiday

A photo posted by @michellekostya on

When you give up on trying to catproof the tree.

When people comment on how life-like your tree topper is.

Look at my beautiful tree topper. I promise you, she's no angel!! #ugh #catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by Ronda Helton (@rondamathishelton) on

When you tried the table-top version but even that failed.

When you employ the cat to help you fluff the branches.

So it begins ? #catsofinstagram #catsinchristmastrees

A photo posted by Shannon Maloney (@shannonrgillis) on

Cat logic: we might never understand it, but we sure do get a kick out if it.

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16 Cats in Christmas Trees Because They're Made for Climbing, Right?