16 Brilliant Ways Pet Owners Are Protecting Their Christmas Trees

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, until it's not. 

Christmas is such a magical time until the tree is knocked over, your pet gets tangled in the Christmas tree lights, and all the presents are ripped to shreds.

But pet owners are a creative bunch, and learn every year how to protect their Christmas trees better from their curious animals. Here are a few things we've learned from fellow animal lovers who have thought ahead of the madness this year.

1. Just put it on the ceiling...


2. Protect the tree at all costs.

3. In a dog cage works, too. 


4. Or fenced in. 

5. This is genius...

6. Simple is sometimes better. 

7. Simple can also be translated as bare. 

8. A cactus might be a good alternative. 

9. Or you could just have the tree outside. 

10. The tree could just be totally off limits. For everyone. 


11. Hanging it on the ceiling works.

12. Or put it on the wall...

Sarune Mac via Bored Panda

13. Saran wrap is most definitely cat proof.

Julija Neje via Bored Panda

14. You could go super minimal and skip a real tree completely...

15. Or you could just give in and let the cat win by decorating the scratching post. 

16. A bare tree lacking lower branches does seem to work best...

Cat owners have been known to put cat repellents like peppermint oil or Tabasco sauce on the tree branches. You could also sit by the tree with a spray bottle and get them every time they show interest.

We wish you all the best of luck as the tree goes up and the decorations are hung.

Hopefully this will be a crisis-free Christmas and holiday season!

Has your pet ever knocked down the Christmas tree? Tell us in the comments! 

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