Killing with Cuteness: 15 Times Pug Rolls Were Just Too Much

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Pug sitting on green grass

Only pugs can say we love them because we love their rolls.

It seems like every time a pug gains a roll, it gets cuter.

Pugs are naturally just rolly, squishy, smushy creatures. They don't really have to do anything except sit there, and those rolls will gain them thousands to millions of followers. Just ask Instapuppers Doug the Pug and Atom the Pug.

The Pug Loaf

Chloe developed new pug rolls while we were gone ??#pug #puglife #pugrolls #pugloaf #CoopandClo

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The Spring Roll

The Side Roll

The Squish Face

The Twinkie

The Lump

You guys. I thought I had a pug, but I think I have a lump. #wut

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The Rolls of Love

The Extraterrestrial Roll

Yessss??? #pugrolls

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The Expressive Rolls

The Baby Rolls

Baby I got more rolls than a bakery

A post shared by Odin (@odin_the_pug) on

The Sunshine Rolls

The Roly Poly

#pugrolls #peggy #puglove #puglife #pugs #pugrescue

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The Back Rolls

The Butt Rolls

Got rolls? #pugrolls

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The Face Rolls

??? #pugrolls #puglife

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It really is a pug life out there. So much so that even pug puns abound.

And there are plenty of pug roll hasthags out there: #gotrolls, #rollsfordays, #willworkforrolls...

Share this with all your pug-loving friends! They'll understand why sometimes pug rolls are just too much.

Can your dog relate to these pug rolls pictures? Tell us in the comments below!

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Killing with Cuteness: 15 Times Pug Rolls Were Just Too Much