15 Times #PitBullLove Proved That Pit Bulls Are Terrifyingly Adorable

Posted by Amber King
Cute pitbull mix dog with a brown eye patch

Don't let pit bull prejudice keep you from appreciating these cute canines. 

It's no secret that pit bulls have a bad rap. They're known for being used in illegal dog fighting rings, and with breed discrimination laws, many housing communities--and even whole cities--ban the breed altogether. But the truth is, the only scary thing about these square-faced canines is how incredibly adorable they are.

In an effort to end the stereotyping of this misunderstood dog breed, social media users have taken to Instagram to show off their #PitBullLove. The Instagram project is full of photographic evidence of the breed's terrifying tendency to melt hearts.

So go ahead, uncover your eyes. Let these 15 pit bulls prove just how adorable the breed really is.

Does this puppy's cuteness make you want to scream in glee? Yes, yes it does. 

☺ ? from @angela_babydoll - We officially have our 3rd pup, meet Mya ? She has one blue eye and one brown eye ?

A photo posted by Place for Proud Pit Bulls ? (@proudpitbull) on

Teacher's pet.

A mother's love knows no breed restriction.

She gave birth yesterday look closely at the finger... ??????????????????????????????

A photo posted by Pitbull Lover (@welovepitbullz) on

As harmless as a butterfly.

Blame the deed, not the breed.

Princess Pittie rules her kingdom with cuteness and love for all.

Fight in a ring? Nah, she'd rather play dress up. 

Resist the cute, I dare you. 

Dirt don't hurt, and neither does this dog.

This face is pure evil. If by evil you mean adorable.

"GRRR look at my scary teefs!"

What a monster. Cuddle monster, that is. 

goodnight everyone ??

A photo posted by Dottie ? (@dottiethepittie) on

Puppydog eye mind control starting in three, two, one...

What a precious ball of fur.

Ready to pounce straight into your heart. 

?? @proudpitbull @pitbullsvilla @pitbullsfans__ #pitbull#rednosepit #Pit?#pitbulllove

A photo posted by Bruno Otávio (@brunootavio66) on

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are judged, shunned, and stereotyped based on an image that was given to them by bad people doing a bad thing. As a result, animal shelters are overflowing with harmless pit bulls looking for families and places to call home.

To welcome one of these adorable, goofy, and good-natured dogs into you home, visit your local animal shelter. In the meantime, check out #PitBullLove to fall deeper in love with the breed.

What are your thoughts on pit bulls? Let us know in the comments below. 

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15 Times #PitBullLove Proved That Pit Bulls Are Terrifyingly Adorable