15 Times Instagram's Bark Bios Made Us LOL

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These dogs are the spirit animals of actual people somewhere.

Instagram's Bark set out to match canines with their human counterparts. It seems like they're doing a spot-on job.

Check out these dog bios then tell us just how relatable they actually are.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the baddest - oh hey, Mike."

"It's pronounced mizz not miss."

"No one's going to recognize me when I put on my Skechers."

"You never know when you'll run out of toenail clippers."

This is your dad. #holidaydogbios Carl @pitty_fulloflove #barkbios #dogbios

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"Sometimes Ja-Z can be a real turd bag, too, ya know?"

"AOL is making a comeback...trust me, I'm a pickleball champion."

We all know a Kathy. #mothersday #dogmombios #barkbios @happy_golden

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"Ooo, I hope it's a Mazda."

"You'll regret leaving that garage door open."

Every mother is unique. Happy #mothersday #dogmombios #barkbios @teddyrowe6868

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"We both know that you're the only one who likes it hotter than Hades in here."

We found another picture of your dad. #dogdadbios #barkbios @hoohoo_thebully

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"Like seriously...why even bother with the birthday wish?"

"Baby steps. I'll take that."

"Don't even get me started on Grey Poupon."

He just likes to listen. #dogbios #barkbios Jerry @sacco_sorry

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"Or maybe I WILL overdo it."

"I won't settle for 799."

"I'm free!"

Honestly, these dog bios are totally relatable. And if Carl, 64 asked me to repark my car in the driveway, I'd do it because who can say no to that adorable face?

Join in the fun by sharing your own dog bios with the hashtag #barkbios.

Which dog is most like you or your dad or that one friend? Tag that person in the comments below!

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15 Times Instagram's Bark Bios Made Us LOL