15 Tattoos for Pet Lovers

Posted by Tori Holmes

The great thing about tattoos is that they come in all shapes and sizes, just like the animals that inspire them!

If you're thinking about getting a tattoo in honor of your favorite pet or animal, just take a look at these for inspiration.

1. A tattoo for your favorite underwater pet.

animal tattoo 1

2. A tattoo for the animal that is as wild and free as you are.

animal tattoo 2

3. A tattoo for your favorite feline friend.

animal tattoo 3

4. A tattoo for an animal some find scary but you know are just misunderstood.

animal tattoo 4

5. A tattoo for a fish that symbolizes love and friendship.

animal tattoo 5

6. A tattoo for your favorite slithering creatures.

animal tattoo 6

7. A tattoo for an animal that has been a source of inspiration in literature throughout history.

animal tattoo 7

8. A tattoo for your favorite farm animal.

animal tattoo 8

9. A tattoo for the serpent you love and respect.

animal tattoo 9

10. A tattoo for the pet you love to listen to sing.

animal tattoo 10

11. A tattoo for your cotton-tailed friend.

animal tattoo 11

12. A tattoo for your colorful winged pet.

animal tattoo 12

13. A tattoo for your favorite prickly creature.

animal tattoo 13

14. A tattoo for your loyal companion.

animal tattoo 14

15. A tattoo that shows your love of squishy-faced canines.

animal tattoo 15

Feeling inspired to get your own animal tattoo yet? We sure are! The options for tattoo designs are endless, which gives you the unique opportunity to create something that is totally new.

Do you have your own pet-inspired tattoo? We'd love to see it!

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