15 Super Pets Ready to Take on the Forces of Evil

Posted by Amber King

The forces of evil are no match for these cute and cuddly crime fighters.

Battling super villains, protecting the innocent, and drooling all over your shoes is all in a day's work for these super pets. From Batman to Wonder Woman, these pets are channeling their inner heroes in order to bring justice to an unjust world.

Their supernatural powers include puppy-eyed mind control and the ability to destroy your slippers in 1.2 seconds. Watch out villains, because these 15 super pets are on their way to save the day.

The face of justice.


TMNT dog-iruntheinternet
I Run the Internet

It's best to stay on this guy's good side.

hulk dog-today

Holy cuteness, Batman!

pug batman and robin-barking beast
Barking Beast

Okay, okay, Loki is technically a villain. But how can that face be evil?

corgi as loki-costume works
Costume Works

The purrfect partnership.

cats batman and robin-geeks doing stuff
Geeks Doing Stuff

With great cuteness comes great responsibility.

cat spiderman-its me charlette
It's Me Charolette

Wonder Pup off to save the day.

wonder dog-pinterest

Avengers, assemble!

guinea pig captain america

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's the cutest little super-dog you've ever seen.

super dog-chihuaua kingdom
Chihuahua Kingdom

Up, up, and away! 

super corgi-dog express
Dog Express

Gotham will sleep soundly tonight.


Fighting crime one mailman at a time. 

Flickr/Mike McCune

Ready to dole out justice.

Cat of Steel.


With courage, integrity, and extraordinary cuteness, these super pets laugh in the face of evil.

Their idea of a super villain may be that weird sound the refrigerator makes sometimes, but they're heroic efforts are always appreciated. And so are their adorable outfits.

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15 Super Pets Ready to Take on the Forces of Evil