Don't Be Scared, Here Are 15 Snakes Wearing Tiny Hats

Posted by Tori Holmes
Snakes Wearing Hats | Wide Open Pets
Tumblr/Snakes with Hats

Think snakes are scary? Think again!

It's impossible to be scared of something when it's wearing a tiny little hat.

In what could possibly be an effort to dispel the belief that snakes are scary, snake owners are putting hats on their slithery friends and sharing the pictures on the Internet.

Take a look at these stylish snakes and try and tell us you're still scared of them!

1. This snake knows it's easy to be both stylish and warm.

snake in hats 15

2. This snake is ready for his fiesta.

snake in hats 14
Tumblr/I Am a Silly Monster

3. This snake can't wait to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the garden.

snake in hats 13
Tumblr/Pedestrian Wolf

4. This little guy is ready for his first rodeo.

snake in hats 12
Tumblr/Snoots and Boops

5. This dapper little guy knows how to dress to impress.

snake in hats 11
TumblrLively Spaghetti

6. This little guy is on the hunt for his buried treasure.

snake in hats 10

7. This snake knows you're never too old to wear party hats on your birthday.

snake in hats 9
Ball Python

8. This snake is all ready for his bat-themed bash.

snake in hats 8
Ball Python

9. This snake is feeling royal in a crown fit for a (snake) king.

snakes in hats 7
Tumblr/Snakes with Hats

10. This snake is ready to celebrate his special day.

snake in hats 6

11. This snake really believes that he can pull the sleigh if someone would just give him a chance.

snake in hats 5
Pinterest/B & B Pet Shop Inc.

12. The snake is counting down the days until the man in red arrives once again.

snakes in hats 4
The Very Best Top 10

13. This stylish lass can't wait for tea with her friends.

snakes in hats 3

14. This snake must run as he's late for another birthday party.

snakes in hats 2

15. This snake is ready and waiting for his annual Easter egg hunt.

snakes in hats 1

Hats off to you, stylish snakes!

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Don't Be Scared, Here Are 15 Snakes Wearing Tiny Hats